Need for speed
(2017-07-16, 5:10:57 am)Conan Wrote: @Decent12
Have you tried setting compatibility mode to Windows XP or something?

If not,try it. If it didn't work, try running it in a Windows XP VM.

I was a huge fan of NFS 2 and if I'm remember correctly it had problems on Windows XP, the last Windows versions which are officially support it are the 98SE (Second Edition) and Millennium (Me).
It was released in 1997 so it should work with Windows 95 and 98,98SE and ME best.
Most wanted is the only nfs that I have finished . Well that is some game it runs on my slow computer and didn't crash. My god I used to play 4-5 hours a day.
I used to love playing NFS when I was younger, especially the Hot Pursuit games or any game in the series that included police pursuits.
I remember how much i loved Need for Speed Most Wanted, it was a good game but i lost interest in racing games altogether. Now i mostly like vn-eqse games Smile
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In my college days, i used to play NFS Most Wanted on LAN Multiplayer with room mates.
Really good Memories.
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i played Need for Speed: World (multiplayer online racing game) for 3 years and then it was shut down on April 14th, 2015. the most incredible online racing game that i have ever played in my life. hoping someday, Electronic Arts would run it again in online version still.

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