Changes to the 2nd VPS system
Dear members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

This is an announcement to inform you that we have made a change to the terms for obtaining and owning a second VPS on this site. Please see the revised terms here.
These changes are in effect from the next giveaway (July 2017) onwards.

We decided to change the guidelines for obtaining a 2nd VPS for a couple of main reasons. The first reason is how the sponsors list has changed over recent months, with the loss of a major provider, FuzzyHosts, and others. Furthermore we created the 2nd VPS initiative as there was demand from members for owning a 2nd VPS. As of May 2017, only 20% of all VPS owners had a 2nd VPS, so this demand is largely gone.
Another big reason for introducing the ability to obtain a 2nd VPS was that we had a lot of servers left over each month after each giveaway, and the 2nd VPS system allowed more of these to be utilised.
With the drop in the number of available VPSs recently, it makes obtaining a VPS more difficult for new members, and reduces choice for existing/reapplying members. (Although when I joined in 2012, all I was able to get was a 128MB RAM VPS for a long time, but times have changed!)

The second reason is that many of the top VPSs of the site are owned by a small few of the top scorers. We feel that this has created the perception that the top scorers own a majority of the largest VPSs available. While they have worked hard to build up their scores over the years, we believe that the top servers should be distributed more evenly over the members that have joined more recently, but are equally contributing to the site at the moment.

We hope that you find these changes fair, and please do leave your feedback or questions in a reply on this thread.

Have a good day,

This is good news, i also feel like there hasn't been much 2nd VPS owning ppl, I only see ppl fighting over higher ram/storage/vz vps'es
Awesome ! I welcome and support the changes. It will improve things a lot for users who are applying for there first vps while also keeping it possible to grab and keep a second vps for the willing. It will make grabbing two high resource vps hard (impossible) for the same person no matter their score !

The only issue one might take is as follows. If i have two high specification vps right now ( like I have vps 7 and 9. I decided to drop 7 for the community)and decide to keep them, none is going to take them away from me Tounge in the foreseeable future. So may be a mandatory reset would make things easier.... Like all guys with two vps will have to change one of the vps to one of the unclaimed vps for this month or something. Though that seems really a bit ... Dunno what to say !
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I think these changes are very fair. This is better for the community. So that everyone gets a fair chance.
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Good change, this should open up some VPSs to the new members. What I don't understand is what is going to happen to the users who already own a 2nd VPS?
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I'm all for this change. Everyone getting a VPS should be a priority over some getting a 2nd VPS.

From the linked post

Quote:Second VPSs can only be applied for in the second stage of the giveaway.

Regarding this "second stage", what would it look like? Will it be on a separate giveaway thread than the first stage?

Second stage referrs to the round after the first set of VPSes has been awarded, if there are any remaining (and there usually are. I don't think I've seen a givaway where all the VPSes were given in the first round).

@rudra @Gries

I believe we discussed a "reset" of some form but decided against it to avoid putting a bunch of stress on those who already have 2 VPSes before the next givaway.
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Yeah. It seems a lot like how a totalitarian system would work, even though the intentions are good. Makes us feel a little uneasy.
The good news is i already surrendered mine and i hear SLC gonna do it with one of his. So things should be pretty impressive for newer guys looking for an upgrade. Thanks for all the selfless service, guys!!
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

So I can only grab another VPS if there's some sitting around left over. So can I switch out my VPS 15, which is my first VPS, for another during the next giveaway without waiting for the second phase or no? I mean I'm not touching my second VPS (VPS 6) should is that good?
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Yep. If you're switching the first and not the second you should be able to swap first round.
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