Poll: Should FreeVPS become COPPA Compliant?
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5 45.45%
2 18.18%
4 36.36%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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That might work too. I don't see many 13yo kids being able to handle a VPS on their own.
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@deanhills Yes, That seems good to implement,

MyBB's default COPPA option, requires a year to be entered (which isn't logged).

The checkbox will be enabled via a plug-in, I believe?, but I'm in favor of the default COPPA Form, because it is already implemented, and only needs to be switched on.
As of now, we've switched on MyBB's COPPA check and therefore, we are now compliant. With that, I'm also closing this thread.

@MichaelW, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
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