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I think you have an incorrect definition of malware and an incorrect idea of what a security suite includes. However, this thread isn't the best place for us to bicker over that. Let's get back on topic.
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(2017-07-20, 6:52:48 am)xaoc Wrote: For people complaining that the antivirus is slowing down your machines: Buy a SSD. It will blow your mind away. 2009 PC will boot in under 5 sec and most jobs will finish so much faster if the cpu doesnt have to wait for the drive to spin.

Edit: oops @deanhills =)

lol This weekend discovered a dirt cheap laptop with generally low specs, but note it has a whopping 32 SSD!  So I guess the SSD is used for processing rather than storage.  AND to cope with anti-virus corporations.  Kaspersky will probably love it.  Tongueout It's got free everything including Windows 10. Guess one would use cloud or external hard disks for actual storage.  It's on a super special in the UAE:  135 US$


With a standard solid state drive of up to 32GB, the ZED AIR can launch applications quicker, transfers files faster and provides better protection if you should ever bump or drop your PC.
I bought a 32GB SSD drive like 4-5 years ago for about 50 used. It worked good but since i used it for my Desktop i had to use a HDD as storage. Maybe I did something wrong but i didnt notice huge speed change. So I I have started using HDD again.

Anyone use Avast Free version here ?

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