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@hostingfuze I don't want to blow your fuse, but why are you lying about the core count? The CPU mentioned DOES not have 24 cores. The Intel Xeon X5670 was released in 2010, with 6 cores + 12 threads.

Even if you were to count the threads as "cores," it still isn't 24.

(not that you should count threads as cores anyway)
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).


my server is not started. i did not stop the server after upgrade from 16.10 ubuntu into 17.04 LTS  then i just restart it

and you mention in thread is review in forum or social network is Optional

Now you telling me   Leave an internet review and continue why ?

i already pm  you about this but you did not reply it and
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