[CLOSED] 6 VPSs Available - July Giveaway 2017
It is really nice that we got a dedicated server added once again. I hope I have a chance at getting that DEDI 1 since my last two VPSs have died due to sponsor issues.
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@Goldengate score still matters the most, and even if it didn't, there are others that have higher score that also lost VPSes due to sponsorship issues. You can still apply though Smile
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Looks like we can have DEDI 1 at the comparator too.
Nice plans specially VPS 1 .
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The usual suspects that are probably applying for the dedicated server:


Hell, I might relinquish my VPS 7 and VPS 5 to apply for the dedicated server. Maybe it is a good idea... Eh, why not, I'll give it a try.
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I would have applied for the DEDI but it is in France so latency wouldn't be good for me. Good luck to those applying!
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So 12 servers available and there are some really good vps among those including the dedi. I wonder how many new members requesting servers in this give away. Smile
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My eyes go on "DEDI" word.
Nice giveaway for this month, especially the dedi (has 8 core, 8thread and 8gb ram with Intel C2750 2.40GHz proc), and vps 1 / 7. Good luck everyone who applied!
Thanks FreeVPS.us and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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Going through a busy time, now that Dedicated server is open for giveaway, right now I feel I want to merge my both vps contents to one.
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@arsalahmed786 https://freevps.us/thread-20167.html
@FlamesRunner S.L.C dropped the dedi, I don't think he's re-applying for it.
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It is nice to see that a dedicated server is available in this giveaway. However there are also other VPS with good specifications that are available.

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