Best Used Hardwere Deal You Ever Bagged !!
     I am sure we all would like to know the story of that one time you decided to buy an used computer that went really well and landed you in gold or..errrm.. went really south and you ended up in a puddle of liquid faeces ..yuk. I am sure we would love to hear that story. Here is mine ..

The great i7 3770 machine !!

An i7 system here for us( not US Tongueout ) financial middle class is mostly either a pipe dream like that of having the cutest girl in your class as your girlfriend ( both of which would probably prove to be futile most of the time if not harmful; both to your wallet and to your mind in both the cases) that you grow out of when you grow up ( or you never grow up and stop feeling miserable about it) or the most treasured asset of you, who is the only child of a doting couple who would do literally anything short of things outright illegal and could land both parents into potential problems ( only one of the two ! well we will do it if pressed enough ! yeah, they exist ! ).

So that one long sentence,possibly bursting with all kind of errors,out of the way;here is how i went about buying a third gen i7  37...oh, ok ok, you know it ! sorry !

  Here I was ready for a new machine after my Sony e series laptop all but died ! It had an ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 graphics on-board which grew faulty. It would grow very hot right from the start and would start creating artifacts on screen first and then shutdown on you without warning ! New thermal paste didn't help. I installed Ubuntu headless server and used a tab,which only had the screen and the usb interface working, to login using ssh to do my tasks on-line.

  After sadly watching Intel Pentium G4560 rise rapidly from cheap to mid-level price mark, i decided to wait for ryzen 3. But one fateful morning I chanced upon an add on OLX selling 4th gen i3 4150 at dirt cheap price. I became very suspicious of the whole affair ! So much so that i decided to pay a visit and check myself. With the full arsenal of an UBCD bootable disk and a changer screwdriver set.I went and found no problems with the performance and thermal profile of the cpu during a 30 min intensive burn in test. It was a machine running for just over two years and was being used for games with a 720 iirc. No over-clocking or fsb frequency increase. He simply needed the money elsewhere and wanted to have it fast enough to sell it cheap. That opened my eyes to the fact that many a people who know nothing ( not meant as a disrespect) or next to nothing about most things computer owned a lot of those powerful gigs we dream about. At that point the i7 came on OLX and I pounced on it without appearing so ( thats a must if you are a bargain hunter). I guess I succeeded in buying the system without any rough competition and undercutting is because the guy did a big mistake while posting the advertisement. He used dark shabby pictures of his system which almost made it look like a system fitting for the junkyard. So another momentous visit and I bought the whole setup with monitor and all just at less than half the current price of the processor. It was a 3.5 year old system.

Now I bought a 3 months used deepcool gammaxx 40s at half the price. Not a gamer even at its loosest description. But I want my i7 to be well taken care of. Lost a great deal on a half priced 1.5 months used 600va APC UPS. oh well.. I guess I will search for something with a software interface for auto-shutdown ( any suggestions guys ? )

Here is what I tried to keep in mind while in deal-hunting mode:

1) Sometimes the guy will be in serious fix to need the money fast. You will feel shitty. But remember, if you dont, someone else will and thats your loss.

2) Never play smart right from the start of the conversation. Some people go into "I will beat this guy in his own game"  mode and it never helps.

3) Ask all sorts of questions. Ask, ask and ask. Cause once you have bought it, the seller,most often than not,will refuse to have seen you ever in his life. This is also the reason why you should bargain hard and shamelessly.

4) Do all kind of tests and try to run them at max capacity to find out problems that show up when the system gets  moderate to heavy use. But ask for explicit permission from the owner before those burn in tests. UBCD or UBCD4Win is a friend as always. Also you have Intel Diagnostic Utility, speccy, aida64, cpuz etc.

5) LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST !  Understand clearly what you are getting into. As SLC said in chats, it is on you and totally on you. Not on the seller.. so teach yourself about hardware before you embark on this exciting journey !

Now I think that a used system with good profile only attests to the fact that it is reliable and continue to do so unless abused !


Thanks to some awesome senior freevps users, I got this awesome idea of a great new thread that has a huge potential to remain alive for eternity !
Thanks to all of them..littlemaster,Conan,tukai,HXY

Re. - That was an awesome display of fast typing SLC !! You guys please include with your stories the things you learned during your deal huntings.

Knowledge is power and knowledge is money. But power is not always knowledge and money is not always knowledge. Finally, power is money but money is not always power ( needs knowledge Tongueout). [ just work out the hidden assumptions .. mind boggling ]

Thanks and a special thanks for going through this torture !
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Stories about new hardware I've bought (these happened years ago):
  • Trying to buy a 1GB ram stick... Got home, it was 512. Even though it said 1GB on the package.
  • Trying to buy a 2GB ram stick... Got home, after 30 min. of usage it begins to corrupt data and generates BSODs like hell.
    But that's not the fun part. The fun part is when I realized it generated some corrupted sectors on my 2 months old 1TB HDD.
  • Bought an ATI video card. Few months (and I really mean a few) later died instantly one night. That's when my disappointment with ATI cards began.
  • I can't remember all the new hardware. But the one thing I remember is that it died sooner than it should've (all of them) and the price was way more than it should've been.

Stories about used hardware I've bought:
  • Bought a CPU. Works without a hitch to this day.
  • Bought a GPU. With some minor adjustments in BIOS to the fan speeds. Never goes above 60C in full load and works great.
  • Bought a PSU. Works without a hitch to this day.
  • Bought a whole computer for about 25$. My brother games on it to this day.

I've stopped buying new stuff a long time ago. I did have a few mistakes with used hardware at first. But after those few failures I learned to spot a good deal and I don't recall having any issues ever since. Not to mention that the price I'm buying at is dirt cheap. So even if it does break. I can easily replace it.

Stories about stuff that isn't PC hardware. For example. Bought a new water pump. One year later it literally cracked in two. Bought a used one. Works to this day (4-5 years later). Vacuum cleaners, LCDs and a bunch of other stuff that works to this day. My dad for example. Every tool he bought new it broke or died a few weeks (even days) later. Then he began to do the same thing. Buy used imported stuff. That way, even if it broke. It was cheap to replace. The sad part is none of the used tools he bought, broke so far Laugh

Many thanks to FreeVPS for VPS #13 and ZXPlay for providing such an amazing service. (Read: How to get a VPS here.)
(2017-07-17, 2:19:09 am)rudra Wrote: a pipe dream like that of having the cutest girl in your class as your girlfriend ( both of which would probably prove to be futile most of the time if not harmful; both to your wallet and to your mind in both )

Jokes on you, it happened to me without hurting my wallet. (That is almost always empty lol)

Anyways, back on topic.

I've only bought used hardware once. (Well, I rarely buy even new hardware.)
It's just a 16" CCFL monitor that  still works to this day. In fact I'm typing on it right now.
It's definitely a cheap one. But serves well as my second monitor to this day. (I've had it for 2 years now)

I think getting a second hand monitor is not that hard given that you can easily spot defects if there are any.
If we include used computerized hardware (as opposed to simply used PC parts), I guess the best deal I got was getting a 3d printer for $100 off the current sale price, just because it was missing a few screws for the top cover. Screws cost less than a dollar at the local hardware store (nuts and bolts kind, not the PC kind), so it was a great deal.
If you don't mind, what brand and model is that 3d printer? I'm eyeing one but I'm still saving up some cash.
I purchased a second-hand Lenovo Thinkpad X201 series last year in April and also recorded it at FreeVPS for posterity! Noticed the thread is still there:

Really love that laptop and is still great after all of this time.
(2017-07-21, 6:16:00 pm)Conan Wrote: @Ignis
If you don't mind, what brand and model is that 3d printer? I'm eyeing one but I'm still saving up some cash.

It's a rebranded MakerBot dual. The MakerBot dual was back when MakerBot still opensourced everything, so you can find a fiar number of rebrands floating around the web. The most popular would be the flashforge.

It did require quite the bit of tuning the settings to get it to print right, and to this day I'm not sure the print bed is perfectly level. Don't buy it if you want something that works out of the box, save for a more expensive but higher quality printer.

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