Are you using any Theme/Customization tool on your windows?
Not anymore.
Before i was using CustoPack. It had everything needed to modify the entire system look. The theme i used with that pack was a mac style theme. Later on i removed it.
I don't like adding any theme/customization tool on my Windows. I have also disabled all animations and have a black background on my Windows desktop too.

I just want performance much more than appearance.
I am not sure if this is counted as a customization tool, but anyways, I use Wallpaper Engine to have some animated desktop wallpapers which I found it through my friends on Steam. I can live without it though, I expected more wallpapers included with the program, but there were just 10 or so.
No I don't. I try to use as little bells and whistles, including extensions and add-ons unless there is a real use for them. It's easy to find what I need, whereas customization may just add a whole bunch of stuff I don't need, and may create problems I don't know about.
I'm using a MAC OS X theme on my Windows 10, looks pretty good, since I really like the MAC's design, but with all the compatibility from Windows.
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