FTP Server
Hello Everyone, here is Another problem Cheese  

I install Bright Game Panel Successfully problem is FTP

bgpanel have own webftp but it's has 1mb limit

First: how to change limit on Ajexplorer
Second: i want i create FTP account for every server's folder and give it to client. how can i create many FTP account.

i don't want create FTP account for every server with SSH. here any way i think ftp://vpsip/ can do this how can i do it? i mean install ftp://?

i hope you understand.
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I want exactly the same. Please, if anyone knows, please teach us
For Ajexploere, You have to change the php.ini (post_max_size) & (upload_max_filesize) value to a bigger like 2048 MB (2GB) or more.
For the FTP: I wouldn't recommend FTP at all since its insecure. I recommend SFTP instead
Do you mean on the Physical VPS? Or its a function of the BGP?
I won't seriously recommend Bright Game Panel.
For that you edit your php.ini and change upload_max_filesize to what ever you like.

You can create a account manually using vsftpd and then jail the user to it's home directory.
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I guess you posted this in the wrong thread mate. XD FTP AND IMDB XD
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As for the webftp limit you should consider viewing this thread where they solved the problem.
As for your ftp problem you need to install and configure ftp software to be able to do what you want to.
I would also recommend installing vsftpd if you have it not istalled it should  be present in the repository of your distribution, and you should refer to the blog post here where they guide you how to setup multiple accounts with different folders.

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