Termination of VPS 11- GalaxyHostPlus
well that server wasn't profitable and they are a good vps provider. Sad but there are still more vps to get one. KVM is really a good virtualization. So much people will miss this vps but if they are having some problems with the incoming money, well, nothing to do.
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Sad to see VPS 11 goes, I have backed up my data and please let me know once the process is completed.
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(2017-07-25, 8:15:45 pm)Davv Wrote:  Next one is leaving us? Poor news, but keep up the good work, please! <3

Just x1 VPS 11 will be terminated all other VPS will remain as normal.
(2017-07-25, 9:06:40 pm)JanuszC Wrote:  Just x1 VPS 11 will be terminated all other VPS will remain as normal.

Thanks JanuszC - I love my VPS 27 and am very grateful of your generosity as always as well as your support. 

To tell you the truth, I've always had issues with latency with France.  Don't know why.  Germany is always much faster for me.  So if France is a problem, I'm almost sure I'm not the only person on the globe who has issues with how my ISP deals with IPs in France. Germany is great for me.
Please read the thread carefully! Only 1 VPS will be Terminated the rest of VPS will remain as normal.

I think a lot of people are just trying to make spam posts...I'll be cleaning up the post of anyone who doesn't act read the thread from now on.
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I am thinking of doing some business with some of these companies. They are donating server resources so we can have free servers.
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