CS:GO Rank?
Just wondering what is your CS:GO Rank, also have you been playing the game long? how do you feel about the game? Your best PC Game.. just describe CS:GO.

to me, i Love it, my best PC Game which is why i prefer PC over console. I love Comp it's so fun. Right now i am Gold Nova 1. Also Skins are insane, how expensive they are and the feeling of having one.
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Counter Strike was my childhood game. We use to play multiplayer on LAN. This game has also been there for years now and still taking out its new versions. I used to love playing this for hours and hours. But due to my busy life now, I miss playing this game.
Sorry, I have only played it on my campus using LAN. So no way I can get a score sheet.
I've used to play in the past, by the way my rank wasn't that good heheh, I don't remember it since it was some time ago, and now with college I don't have time for it anymore.
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Well, I love 1.6 more, I started 2 weeks back now my rank is Private Rank 3! Laugh
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I've been playing for a year now. I'm DMG and its kind of annoying considering the influx of hackers even in prime matchmaking
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