CS:GO Rank?
I'm MG1 (Master Guardian 1), I have played 1300 hours i think. It's pretty good game, but when you satrt to rage, then i think that i will throw my pc out of the window. Laugh. My best PC game is CS:GO, but i will boost my pc and then i will buy DayZ Standalone, and i think that will be my favorite game....
I'm SMFC on my main.
Gold nova master, There are so many hackers on SMFC and GE Even on Prime.
I'm happy on GN.
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i boosted my rank in my holidays now i am proud to say that i am GOLD nova master Laugh i know i have posted once in this topic but just to let you guys know
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I have played Counter Strike for 10 years. Now I am competitively playing the global offensive of Counter Strike.

I'm GN IV and I have Master Guardian II level
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