Stepping down from my admin role
Man i get the pain of work and school, i myself a college student and i have to work on the days i don't have class from 12pm to 12am then i just come home and sleep, wake up next day rinse and repeat, the weekends i get so much stuff to do like spending time with families and other chores that i have to do around the house (live alone so yea.. ) I absolute don't get that much time to lurk the forum and make posts which i do when i have a bit of free time. Life can be such a bi--h sometime (its necessary) and we all understand. Thanks for all the hard work you and @HR has done, i myself and the community will be forever grateful to these awesome admins that are rare. Hope you can put more concentration on your studies and work now the load is gone Smile

The unfortunate truth is that... there is no reseller API for SolusVM. Many sponsors here (ex. Hostigation) give FreeVPS a reseller account.

In some ways, it's great being a reseller. It allows FreeVPS to have control over the servers they hand out.

The downside to this is that SolusVM (despite years of a hinted "Version 2") still hasn't implemented a reseller API.

Now I'm not sure about Virtualizor, but I know for certain that you won't be able to automate it with SVM.

Message to Chris:

It's been a pleasure having you here. I really do appreciate the amount of time you've spent reminding us to complete our posts, and being generous when we're busy.

Over the years, the community has changed drastically. From Hidden Refuge leaving, to new staff joining the team, I hope that whoever takes over the lead will cope with the changes well.

I get that time is an issue, and your devotion to the community has been amazing. I've had the same problems, and I've been struggling to make my 30 posts! It's surprising to know that you've been able to squeeze FreeVPS into your schedule. For that, I congratulate you!

Please do well in your studies, and get some rest. It's well deserved, and I'm sure that with some rest, you'll excel in your exams and assignments.

Thank you, Chris.

It'll be difficult to see you go, but don't look back. Looking back will only bring you down.

See you around,

Aaron (doghouch)
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(2017-08-02, 11:09:59 pm)cw1998 Wrote:  Choosing the winners is the easy part as it's based on score, but the creation of the VPSs is the more time consuming part. Generating secure passwords, typing the stats into the create server form, etc.


First of all, sincerely thanks for your great service during the past 3+ years.

I would suggest that the admin can consider splitting the job into multiple parts and then assign them to multiple Giveaway assistants.

No need a single Giveaway Manager to do everything on his own.

For example, the creation of new VPSs, which you consider it as the more time consuming part, can be assigned to a Giveaway assistant. The missing posts notification service can also be assigned to another Giveaway assistant.

These parts can be done independently anyway.

And if you still want, you can just keep the role of choosing the winners. Although, as you said it is the easy part, it is actually not too easy to find a good replacement for this particular role. Because this role requires that everyone trust him would play fair.
Well really sad to see you going so soon after i came back!
I hope that you can get some personal time now so that you feel better, and I completely agree that priorities must be given to work and study so I completely understand why you are going, but the fact that you are stepping down as the administrator does not mean that you won't be visiting this site!
You can still come during weekends and Sundays as a regular member!
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I wish you all the best Chris. You've done a really great job over all the years here. I totally understand you and the situation you are in. Sometimes it is necessary to let some things go to follow other more important things.
We are loosing a nice Admin Sad
first @HR gone and now Chris. But I guess its important to give time to our personal life too.
I hope soon more hands come up to help this Community.
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