Termination of VPS 27
At this moment we first need to set Cloud.
Current KVM Node will be used as Computing node just storage will be moved to our storage server. We looking to start Cloud in September so maybe Cloud will be Available on September Gateway. Cheers.
Its sad to see a good vps getting terminated. But hopefully we will get something better in return by @JanuszC soon. I dont know much about anout cloud vps but im sure one we ll get will be better one than this.
I understand the GHP decision to terminate this VPS as this was not making any money, however it is sad seeing another VPS going away.. Hope to see more added in the future.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]
@Optimus  I'm thinking ahead to end of August when I won't have a VPS any longer.  I only have one VPS.  Provided there is a VPS of comparable specs, would it be OK to compete in the August giveaway for a primary VPS instead of a second VPS?

You can always compete for a primary VPS as long a you don't mind it replacing your current primary VPS.
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Thanks @Ignis, I don't mind at all. I've already emptied the VPS of its content, and stopped the VPS. It's basically ready for @Optimus to hand back to @JanuszC.

A special thanks to @JanuszC. As I was moving my Website to another server it brought back all of the memories, and this was a VPS I only had pleasure with. It was an awesome VPS experience!
Too bad they won't be sponsoring a extra OVZ VPS in place of the current KVM VPSs. There is a reason why hosters usually charge more for KVM VPSs than OVZ or LXC. But it is still disappointing to see another container go away.
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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@IEpicDestroyer Janusz already said that he plans on sponsoring another one once their move is completed. They're just removing every KVM VPS from their system.

This is a direct quote from his post on the first page.
" Once we complete I probably add some Cloud Servers to FreeVPS List."

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