Odd cPanel experience - add on domain on root instead of in public_html
Last night as I was trying to move my Websites out of VPS 27, I had a slight hickup with a new add on domain at a shared hosting account with cPanel.  Like I'm used to once I've added the domain to find it in the public_html folder.  But this domain was in root on the same level as public_html.  So I thought that must be a mistake and moved the domain to inside public_html.  Then when I tried the domain, it wouldn't connect.  I waited a few hours as I thought the new IPs still needed more time to resolve, but when I did a DNS Inspect check this morning found that it scored "A" for DNS.  DNS was OK.  Except the Website wouldn't connect.

I then deleted the add on domain, reinstalled it, and it once again created a root folder outside the public_html in file manager.  I then tested it, and the new domain worked perfect.  I've kept it there, but it's puzzling me.

Am I going dotty here?  Like I always thought anything for public has to go in the public_html folder.  All of my other Websites, including WordPress sites are in my public_html folder except for the new add on domain that insisted it wanted to be outside.  Did this happen with a recent WHM update perhaps that I'm unaware off?  Like add on domains are now created in root instead of in public_html?
I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe that this was a change that occurred in cPanel 66. I'd assume that it is a security measure so people can't access rootdomain.com/sub.rootdomain.com.
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I have a shared hosting account and this was also the setup.
I don't complain as for me its clean, better and has advantage.
Especially if you have a lot of domains hosted on the same host.
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Agreed. I don't have any complaints either. I'm just puzzled. I have four other domains in the same hosting account and they are all under public_html. Like from the beginning of my Website experience we are used to always loading our Websites in public_html. This is something that must have happened recently. Tonight I loaded some more Websites that were previously in my VPS and they also were outside public_html. Must have been a cPanel update as I have the WHM on automatic updates.

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