Monitor acting weird
Check the cable on another system to confirm it's properly working. Connect another monitor to your system to confirm it's properly working as well. Check your monitor on another system, preferably somewhere else to confirm it's not a power issue. Once you've tried all of these and you still haven't found anything else to be broken. You should probably accept the fact that your monitor is toast. If it's still in warranty then take it to the store otherwise to a repair service for someone more specialized to take a look at it.

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I already read something about faulty capacitors. I might break open the thing and take a look. It a pretty old monitor, at least 8 years of age now. It would be trashed anyway, so it's just a last try to save it :-)
It happens at all devices it is connected to, so it can not be related to the machine / graphics card or anything: even using different cables.
faulty capacitor seems most likely idea. You could find the circuit diagram and voltage outputs online and then check yourself using a multi-meter .. but it seems the power section is toast. otherwise it would not lose power like that even with nothing. I would experiment with it. but be careful.

If it is an HD thing or something nice.. you could try hard.. else just dump it Tongueout
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I think you should take the monitor to an expert instead of trying to fix by yourself. You may damage the monitor's inner parts if you cut or touch wrong cables. In the worst case, you may even hurt yourself!

Please be careful!
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