Lenovo T410 Core i5 Laptop or A Tab? Confused
I have a small budget on my hand about 10000 Indian Rupees, I need to buy a Laptop or Tab.
But I cann't buy both as I have no more budget, what should I buy?
It seems Lenovo T410 Core i5 Lenovo is around the same range.But sadly I need to buy dongle for connecting 4G additionally and it cannot be used for photo capturing.
I am in a confused state, but I need to take a decision soon.
From 160 USD you can easily buy a used ThinkPad T430 or T530 notebook too which are much newer.
Why don't you use your mobile phone as 4G modem and for taking pictures and videos?
I think you should go for the laptop because they are usually more useful (and people have smartphones to capture pics and vids.)
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I agree with @HXY and @Super. Any of the advantages a tab has over a laptop can be covered with even a basic smartphone. As long as you have a phone, laptop is the way to go.
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I would go for the laptop. I don't see why you would need a tablet with the same or similar specs.
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laptop is the best, you can do more things in my opinion. If you can buy a really good smartphone go for it but if you can't go for laptop. But with laptop you will always do more than with an smartphone. Personally I do specific tasks on my note 5 and the rest on my pc/laptop.
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If I were confused, I wouldn't buy anything. Like it's a big price item where you'd like to have at least some certainty that you're getting what you really want to get. In the meanwhile, if you are forced to buy something for the short term, why not go for a second hand laptop like @HXY suggested. I got a Lenovo Thinkpad old X210 a few months back and lucked out as the guy hadn't used it in a while. If you can get a deal like that it can buy you time for a longer term purchase when you are more certain about what you really want to buy.
Laptop is more more more useful than tab.
TAB are just like smartphones, it does photo, social media, etc.

If you don't have smartphones, don't buy tab. Unless you need high screen for your socia-media activity.
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Thanks for the advices.After some thoughts I ordered "Lenovo X220i Intel® 12Inch" , I felt the seller of Lenovo T410 Core do not have enough trust score.So decided to look for others.I ordered this for 8200 Indian Rs.Hope the item will receive soon.
I do not have a 4G compatible phone.So next I will look for a geofi or a 4G phone.
I really don't recommend buying a tablet and PC combined device. I am glad you have purchased a "Lenovo X220i Intel® 12Inch". By looking at its reviews, it seems like a really nice device to me!

I think you did a really good job there my friend!
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