Poll: FreeVPS.us new giveaway manager to be ?
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New Giveaway Manager & New Staff Opening!
I voted for @Ignis. He did a great job as a moderator at Freedomain.club and I feel that he is the more active/responsible(?) one.
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Just casted my vote hoping the best.I wish the new giveaway manager to be excellent in his duties.Congratulation in advance.
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I think @Ignis will handle this perfectly, so I voted for him. That doesn't mean Pokemon isn't capable of doing it, I believe he also could do good in this.
I did not vote for anyone because I am not that new to the forum.Whoever gets to be the new giveaway manager, I wish we don't burden them.
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Both @PokemonEx222 and @Ignis are both very capable of taking on the task of giveaway manager. @Ignis is more active on the forum, and @PokemonEx222 has more industry experience with servers. It's a hard choice. I will not be voting in this poll. It doesn't feel right that I should vote for my successor.
I vote @Ignis than @PokemonEx222 ..
all fvps moderator do great on this forum, but maybe for giveaway manager i vote Ignis xD
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I think I should vote for @Ignis because he seems to be more active in this forum.

But, I also like @PokemonEx222 to win.

Because if Ignis wins, this forum may be less moderated for a certain period of time until the new moderator catches up. If PokemonEx222 wins, it will probably like business as usual.

That is really a tough choice.
I'd say Admin status should be reserved for those who are really mature and have been around at freevps.us for a very long time. They should have real admin experience as well, i.e. proven technical experience which one would pick up during forum discussions. I'd say it's the one position where candidates should be hand picked rather than it automatically progresses from moderator.

Although @Ignis is very well qualified as a Moderator and I supported his appointment last year, I don't think he has been around for long enough to be an Admin. I haven't seen @PokemonEx222 as involved as a Moderator as @Ignis has been, but both probably need a little more time before they would be mature enough to qualify as Admin.

Is it possible to add senior members from the current membership to the vote for Admin? If yes, I'd like to nominate @rudra as @rudra has made a solid contribution in every respect, has been around for a number of years, is technically very qualified and really great with new members. I also would like to nominate @S.L.C.. Both have a solid track record at freevps with a large reputation count, years of contribution, and posts with plenty of technical input.

It is not at this time possible to nominate other members for an admin position. The only position currently recruiting members is the moderator position.
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Thanks a lot man ! I really do appreciate that !
That said, I really am not the guy. I do not think i could spend enough time that would be required to meet the high standards set by HR and Chris. Just doing something like managing the giveaway once a month is not a big deal in terms of time. But there is a lot more to that than just this. I try to do my best as a member when I can.

Thanks for your love, everyone !
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

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