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New Giveaway Manager & New Staff Opening!
Dear FreeVPS Community members, staffs, sponsors,
Following the retirement of @cw1998 our FreeVPS Administrator and Giveaway Manager (https://freevps.us/thread-21101.html)
We would like to induct a new giveaway manager,
However , it has been decided to make it a community vote,
The new giveaway manager will be someone among our current moderators excluding @supertanno who told us about his limited time schedule.
So it will be between @Ignis and @PokemonEx222.
I have added a poll on the thread, feel free to vote and leave some words if possible about why you choose so.
Besides all these i will be here for all administration and core part of the forum.

Also to note that, on the very same occasion we would like to open up a new moderator position as one previous mod will be promoted. We will be taking x1 (one) new moderator to join the team. See the information(spoiler) below about the requirements and how to apply.

Spoiler: show
What will be required of me as a new moderator?

As a moderator your job will be to:
  • Read the majority of the new posts that are posted throughout the forum
  • Delete any posts which do not comply with the rules (such as Low quality, bad English, violation of any other rule)
  • Try your best to help out other users who may PM you (and forward them to an admin if more help is required)

What are the minimum requirements for this position?
As a moderator you must be able to:
  • Spend around half an hour per day, reading and moderating all new posts (this is a shared workload, some new posts will have already been moderated probably)
  • Use your initiative to make decisions based on the situation you are dealing with (For example, a user who has just posted a lot of spam)

You also must have:
  • Been a member of these forums for over a year, and have a good knowledge of how this site operates

(Optional requirements, but will help your application!)
The ideal moderator:
  • Can spend more than half an hour a day to make sure posts get moderated as fast as possible (To reiterate, the other moderators and myself will still moderate posts. It is a shared workload)
  • Can speak good English to communicate with clarity so that users who do not speak English well can better understand what you are telling them
  • Join in with the community! A moderator can also post just like a regular user! They don't have to be always in the background
  • Goes the extra mile to help a user

I think I meet the minimum requirements! How do I apply?
Great! Just post a new thread in the VPS Request section with subject "Moderator Position Application" (Or similar) with the following information:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Why you think you would be great for this position

Applicants might be asked further questions if need be during the process of choosing a new moderator to join the team!

We will review each and every application and once selected you will be notified by PMs or so.

Good Luck,
Kind Regards,
Khevin/Optimus ,
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Management
I voted @Ignis because (tbh) I'm more familiar with him and I've noticed he spends a decent amount of time on the forums. And I can already see many people here are likely to agree with that. That being said, good luck.
I voted for @Ignis because he's got a huge experience from here and from the old Freedomain.club community as well.
But I'm sure that @PokemonEx222 would be great in this position too.
I voted for @Ignis since he is active enough and will solve users problems fast I was pissed from his moderation in start but after contacting cw1998 now its fine and PokemonEx222 is also a great a great MOD/member of this forum he can also handle but i voted according to activity
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i voted for Ignis. he seems very active and strict. Once i posted a link to a new thread of mine in chat..just cause i was very excited to tell everyone about it. it got removed soon enough..i have a hunch it is him. i admire strictness and neutrality. he understands justice and i think he is capable of compassion for the right reason.

i can`t spend time here regularly or, i would consider giving the community back by serving it in some capacity. thanks


ps. -
i really hope PokemonEx222 doesn't feel bad about it. we admire you !
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

I'm glad to hear that I have improved some ^^; I remember getting that message that I should calm down a bit like it was yesterday...
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I voted for @Ignis because i see him more active than Pokemon. Although @Pokemon is really a friendly and a good guy.
I mostly see @Ignis on all the threads and there is one more reason i voted for him that when i joined the forum firstly, He was the one to help me at first with my website. I still remember the day that i posted my site with a bare IP and with really low quality. I thought that would be deleted at first point but still @Ignis guided me alot.
Thanks @Ignis.
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Both are great but since there only can be 1 of them,
So My vote too goes to @Ignis since I see he does more activities @PokemonEx222 which I can see by his accounts details.. he joined after @PokemonEx222 then also have more posts that him and also score and points than him.
And also I see he is does strict checking.
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(2017-08-15, 5:19:48 am)HMR Wrote:  ... have more posts that him ...

Actually, @PokemonEx222 is too fond of this current post number to ruin it. If you know what I mean.
My vote goes to @Ignis, this is not to bark down @pokeminEx222 but I know @Ignis better as @PokemonEx222. But I am sure that if @PokemonEx222 will win that he will be doing his job great as well.
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