[CLOSED] 7 VPSs Available - August Giveaway 2017
i think no one need this vps now or everyone busy with their life. first time am seeing a dull giveaway
[Image: img.php?userid=16703]

Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:


We're looking into the sponsor situation, don't worry Smile
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Nice small giveaway. New members or someone who needs can get a normal VPS. I missed the last giveaway which had awesome VPSs and Dedi. I will be looking forward in September giveaway.
I think most people who are active now have a better VPS than VPS 18 in their account.That is why I feel it is not taken yet, I use this VPS 18 for almost 2 years without no problems. It has a good uptime "System uptime
68 days, 23 hours, 38 minutes".I don't feel there is a need of worry about getting new sponsers.
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Well. No one wants to apply for any VPS right? Mind as well swap out VPS 15 for VPS 18 for the extra disk space, could use the extra disk space myself. You know, you can do a lot with 512MB of ram, I guess people are just so used to getting big servers, they forget about all the small ones. I would say good luck to everyone in the giveaway..... but there's no one applying...
Thanks to HostUS for providing me a VPS 15 for all these months, your services were very wondering!
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

Check out @coreyman's Free VPS Club for a free VPS with only 15 posts/month!
No waiting required to get a free VPS, just make posts and apply!
I agree. I'd apply for a VPS myself if I actually needed another one. these little servers pack a deceptively large punch for their specs.
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Also a big fan of Anime, see my poor taste here.
That's it for the giveaway this month! Everyone who applied that met the minimum requirements got the VPS that they asked for.
I want to with the future giveaway manager all the best for next month's giveaway, although I will most likely be around to help out if needed.
Thanks everyone for making being the giveaway manager an enjoyable experience for me.

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