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(2017-12-15, 8:35:23 am)Neoon Wrote:  @FlamesRunner Duct Tape drives to the case.

I did not want to go into that symlink crap, which means I need to use some 3rd party gameserver panel which does support it.
If we wanted to change something here, we have to wait for the Dev to update it, no.

But on the other hand, seems to be the only way.


We do not make any profit from this project and some locations are sponsored for us yes.

If you need, I have a bunch of SSD VPSes you could use for storage. I have a few hard-drive ones, but they hover around 100mb/s IO (which isn’t bad, but probably too slow for what you need it for).
My website:
A few changes since my last post:

- You can upgrade any Minecraft or Factorio server with just 2 clicks
- Factorio is now available in our Poland location
- The disk usage is now visible in the panel.
- New Factorio releases are available now within 15 minutes after release.
-  We also did fixed a upgrade bug, which made it Impossible to upgrade in certain situations.

Also, The new Design is live, we also switched to Bootstrap 4.

[Image: zLMs4H1.jpg]

The next thing would be, more UI updates and more games, since we got a new Location New York sponsored.

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