eve online
(2017-08-29, 3:37:43 pm)Ignis Wrote:  I thought of playing Eve, but I hear that the space combat is rather disappointing, and regardless, the game is in decline. I'm per waiting for the release of Star Citizen to get into a space themed MMO.

Elite: Dangerous is far better than EVE, since it s just a upfront fee ad no extra charges in order to continue playing.

(That said, you can get shiny new paintjobs Cheese)

And also that 1:1 Galaxy, man... It's awesome here.
I remember seeing some great Youtube vedios about EVE but didnt bother about coz its not a free to play or has a free verion too. Now I want check it again. I dont mind playing those long and slow games. Specailly complex games which has lots of building and exploring.

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