CBR 400 RR 2001
[Image: cbr400rr.jpg]


Item    Specifications
Dimensions:    Overall length    1,990mm
Overall width    670mm
Overall height    1,080mm
Wheelbase    1,365mm
Ground clearance    125mm (4.9 in.)
Dry weight    180kg
Curb weight    
Maximum weight capacity    
Frame:    Frame type    Twin-spar, box-section aluminum
Front suspension    41mm Showa damper-rod forks with adjustable pre-load2
Front wheel travel    
Rear suspension    Alloy "Gull-arm" swing arm with three-way linkage
Rear wheel travel    
Rear damper    Gas-filled damper with adjustable pre-load and rebound damping
Front wheel size    [17x3.5 in.]
Rear wheel size    [17x4.5 in.]
Front tire size    120/60-R17 55H
Rear tire size    150/60-R17 66H
Front brakes    Double floating disc; 2-piston Nissin sliding calipers
Rear brake    Single solid disc; single-piston Nissin sliding caliper
Caster angle    
Fuel tank capacity    15.0 liters (4.0 U.S. gal., 3.5 Imp gal.)
Fuel tank reserve capacity    
Engine:    Type    Four-stroke, in-line four cylinder
Bore and stroke    55.0 mm x 42.0 mm
Displacement    399 cm³ (24.3 cu in.)
Compression ratio    11.3 : 1
Valve train    Gear driven DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Intake valve opens @ 1mm lift    
Intake valve closes @ 1mm lift    
Exhaust valve opens @ 1mm lift    
Exhaust valve closes @ 1mm lift    
Lubrication system    Forced pressure and wet sump
Oil pump type    [Trockoid]
Cooling system    Liquid cooled; radiator with cooling fan
Air filtration    Paper filter
Crankshaft type    
Firing order    
Cylinder arrangement    4 cylinders; in-line
Cylinder numbering    1-2-3-4 (left to right of bike)
Carburetor:    Carburetor type    Constant velocity Keihin; 4 carburetors
Throttle bore    
Drive train:    Clutch system    Multi-plate, wet
Clutch operation    Cable operated
Transmission    6-speeds
Primary reduction    2.117 : 1 (72/34)
Final reduction (sprockets)    2.600 : 1 (39/15)
Drive chain slack    15-25mm (5/8-1 in.)
Drive chain size/links    525/102
Gear ratio, 1st    3.307 : 1 (43/13)
Gear ratio, 2nd    2.352 : 1 (40/17)
Gear ratio, 3rd    1.875 (30/16)
Gear ratio, 4th    1.591 (35/22)3
Gear ratio, 5th    1.435 (33/23)
Gear ratio, 6th    1.318 (29/22)
Gearshift pattern    Left foot operated return system: 1—N—2—3—4—5—6
Electrical:    Ignition system    Digitalized full transistor ignition
Starting system    Electric starter motor
Charging system    Triple phase output alternator
Regulator/rectifier type    SCR Shorted/triple phase full wave rectification
Lighting system    Battery [(YTX7A-BS)]
Lubrication:    Engine oil capacity at draining    3.2 liters4
Engine oil capacity at disassembly    3.8 liters
Engine oil capacity at oil filter change    3.4 liters5
Recommended engine oil viscosity    SAE 10W-40
Oil pressure at oil pressure switch    490 kPa (5.0 kg/cm², 71 psi) @ 7,000 rpm (80 deg.C, 176 deg.F)
Fuel system:    Main jets    # 1086
Slow (idle) jets    # 35
Pilot screw setting    2 1/4 turns out
Float level    13.7mm
Carburetor vacuum difference    Within 30 mmHg
Base carburetor (for carburetor synchronization)    [None]
Idle speed    1,300 +/- 100 rpm
Throttle grip free play    2-6mm (0.08-0.24 in.)
Clutch system:    Clutch lever free play    10-20mm (0.4-0.8 in.)
Clutch disc thickness    2.92-3.08mm (0.115-0.121 in.)
Clutch disc service limit    2.6mm
Clutch plate (steel) warpage limit    0.30mm (0.012 in.)
Cooling system:    Coolant capacity (radiator & engine)    2.0 liters
Coolant capacity (reserve tank)    0.3 liters
Radiator cap relief pressure    0.93-1.22 bar (13.5-17.7 psi)
Thermostat begins to open    80-84 deg.C (176-183 deg.F)
Thermostat fully open    95 deg.C (203 deg.F)
Thermostat valve lift    8.0mm (0.23 in.) min.
Wheels/Tires:    Cold tire pressure (driver only, front)    33 psi (2.25 bar)
Cold tire pressure (driver only, rear)    33 psi (2.25 bar)
Cold tire pressure (driver & pass., front)    33 psi (2.25 bar)
Cold tire pressure (driver & pass., rear)    36 psi (2.50 bar)
Front suspension:    Fork spring free length    319.7mm7
Fork spring direction    Tighter coils on bottom
Fork oil weight    10W
Fork oil level    105mm8
Fork oil capacity    453cc9
Steering bearing pre-load    22 Nm [1.0-1.5kg (2.2-3.3 lbs.)]
Rear suspension:    Shock spring free length    154.9mm10
Shock spring installed length    
Nitrogen gas pressure    [98 kPa (142 psi)]
Brakes:    Brake fluid type    DOT 4
Front brake disc thickness    4mm (0.16 in.)
Front brake master cylinder I.D.    12.700mm (0.500 in.) (1/2")
Front brake caliper cylinder I.D.    25.4mm (1.0 in.)
Rear brake disc thickness    5mm
Rear brake master cylinder I.D.    14.000mm (0.5512 in.) (9/16")
Rear brake caliper cylinder I.D.    38.18mm
Battery/Charging system:    Reg/rec regulated voltage/amperage    14.0-16.0v (0.5A) @ 3,000rpm
Battery capacity    12v (6AH) [YTX7A-BS]
Battery charging rate (normal)    0.7A/5-10 hr.
Battery charging rate (quick)    3.0A/1 hr.
Battery voltage    12.8-13.0v
Ignition system:    Spark plug (standard)    NGK CR8EH-9 or ND U24FER-9
Spark plug (racing)    NGK CR9EH-9 or ND U27FER-9
Spark plug gap    0.8-0.9mm
Ignition timing "F" mark    18-deg. BTDC @ 1,300rpm
Advance starts    
Advance stops    
Full advance    32-deg. BTDC [+/-2-deg. @ 12,000rpm]
Lights/Meters/Switches:    Main fuse    30A
Fuse    15A x 1; 10A x 3
Headlight (high/low beam)    12v 60/35w (H4)
Tail/brake light    12v 18/5w
Position light    12v 1.7w
Turn signal light    12v 15w11
Instrument lights    12v 1.7w [x 5]
Oil pressure warning indicator    12v [1.7w]
Oil temperature indicator    12v [1.7w]
High beam indicator    12v [1.7w]
Turn signal indicator    12v [1.7w]
Neutral indicator    12v [1.7w]
Starting system:    Starter motor brush length    12-13mm (0.47-0.51 in.)

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