New giveaway Manager & New Moderators
(2017-09-02, 7:39:50 am)deanhills Wrote:  (By the way, is there an easier way to quote your name as when I use the @ before S.L.C it won't come up as it should in the right color.)

Double quotation marks:
Giveaway Manager, FreeVPS Directory and Discussion

Also a big fan of Anime, see my poor taste here.
Congratulations @Ignis to become Giveaway manager
Congratulations @"S.L.C" and @Karim to become Moderator.

sorry i'm late due to inactive actually we've in trouble of house shifting.
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(2017-09-02, 8:59:30 am)Ignis Wrote:  Double quotation marks:

One doesn't need to use the double quotation marks with any of the other members.  Once one adds the @ before the name the quotation marks automatically get added.  Except for S.L.C. 

So logically there is something - maybe the full stops in the abbreviation that causes the double quotes not to be automatically added to the name when the @ is used.
@deanhills any non alphanumeric character causes that.
Giveaway Manager, FreeVPS Directory and Discussion

Also a big fan of Anime, see my poor taste here.
Congrats @Ignis, @"S.L.C" and @Karim.

I was a bit worried this forum might be less moderated for a certain period of time if Ignis gets promoted. Now with the new moderators SLC and Karim, plus the original PokemonEx222 and supertanno, I do not need to worry about it anymore. Sounds a great arrangement for everyone.
Congratulations @Ignis @Karim@"S.L.C" for your promotion. Hope you will do a good job Smile
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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Congrats to @Ignis for being promoted to a GiveAway Manager and @S.L.C and @Karim to become mods
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(2017-09-02, 12:32:25 pm)Ignis Wrote:  @deanhills any non alphanumeric character causes that.

Right.  But since S.L.C is staff now and we're likely to refer to him often, would be nice if he could change it, otherwise I'm sure you've noticed that most of the references to him in posts are a normal black.  Who knows, maybe he prefers that?   Tounge 

Anyway, I'll do the black one then as I'm a little lazy to go into the text and add quotation marks.
Ignis was expected, but 2 moderators, pretty neat. A surprise.

Congratulations to all 3.
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