New giveaway Manager & New Moderators
Dear valued members of FreeVPS Directory and Discussion, 

Due to the stepping down of our giveaway manager @cw1998, we held a community vote to elect a new giveaway manager to take on the role.
Please welcome our new Giveaway Manager @Ignis He will take over from @cw1998 when he steps down at the beginning of September.

Due to this promotion, we had to take on a new moderator to share the workload with our senior moderators @PokemonEx222 and @supertanno . The selection was done internally after reviewing the applications. However coming to the new mods, it wasn't an easy task as we had some excellent application which made it hard to choose one, so we've chosen two instead of one, Please welcome our new moderators @'S.L.C' and @Karim

Congratulations and good luck as these members take on their new roles in the FreeVPS community.

Kind Regards,
Khevin/Optimus Administration
Ha ha ha.

Sorry for laughing madly like that at the start !! ( dead silence all around)


Congratulations SLC and Karim and Ignis !

I hope you guys manage to do it with the best of your qualities and enjoy the journey too!!

have fun !!
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Congratulations to Ignis, Karim and SLC! hope only the best for you.

Edit: My brain mixed up the names.
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(2017-09-01, 3:49:28 pm)Translucent Wrote:  Congratulations to supertanno and Ignis, hope only the best for you.

i think that's meant to be Ignis, S.L.C and Karim.
@S.L.C hey you finally became a mod! Congrats to all.
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Congratulation to @Ignis ,@"S.L.C" and @Karim ,good luck with your new positions. Smile
Congratulations for S.L.C, Karim and Ignis for their new role in this community.
I also want to thank to our former Giveaway Manager cw1998. Good luck for your future.
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New staff! Good! Let's see some heads roll!

Just kidding... or am I?

On a less jokey note, congratulations to Ignis for taking the red and to Karim and S.L.C for taking the green.
Good to see new staff.
Congratulation to all and All the best.
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Congratulation to @Ignis ,@S.L.C and @Karim

I have to thank our former Giveaway Manager @cw1998 too. He has done a great job as Giveaway Manager all these years and has done it Always in very professional manner.
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