(Another) hero shooter makes its way onto the scene: a review of TAE Closed alpha
TL;DR: It's a hero shooter with TCG/CCG elements that plays different from anything else out there. Very buggy still as its in CBT, but extremely fun. https://amazingeternals.com

Recently I discovered a game that, at the time was called "Keystone". It claimed to be an entirely new type of game that was a hybrid between a Collectible Card Game and a First-Person Shooter. In other words, stick Team Fortress 2 and Magic: the Gathering into a blender on high for a few minutes. Intrigued, I signed up for the closed alpha and waited a few weeks.

Eventually, I received an invite to alpha weekend #11, allowing me to finally try out some of the gameplay. As to be expected from an alpha game, the gameplay was heinously unbalanced. However I took this as a good sign. In today's gaming culture it seems that more often than not, betas and alphas are little more than glorified demos or excuses for developers to point to when people claim there's an issue with their game. (Early access, anyone?) The way the developers interacted with the alpha testers showed me that this was not the case with this game. Even more pleasantly, most alpha players would play even the weakest characters as long as they found them "fun".

This attitude already told me I was on to something different. The fact that I could play a squishy healer that had questionable effectiveness in a teamfight and everyone still enjoyed themselves showed that the game had a far more casual feel, more akin to TF2 than CS:GO or Overwatch. I also loved the daring of the team for choosing to eschew the standard themes for a hero shooter in favor of going with a retro space / pulp fiction / spaghetti western feel. At the conclusion of weekend 11, I eagerly awaited weekend 12, and after that the beta.

Shortly before the beta launched, there was a sudden name change. what was known as "Keystone" was now going to be named "The Amazing Eternals", the developers said. Although the name change was risky, I felt it fit the theme of the game much better so I stuck with it. And I was glad I did. When the developers demo'd the game at PAX, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

Finally, closed beta arrived, and with it a lifting of the NDA. So far, the community reaction has been good from what I have seen. The retro theme, the power-up cards, the quirky characters, and the fun gameplay all combine to make an enjoyable game IMO. That being said, if you can't stand bugs you probably want to wait for release.
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