Free VPS Giveaway available for 1 year Managed on EasyEngine
I writing this to invite you in a giveaway to win Free Virtual Private Server for your blog or website with 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD, SSL, 1 Core, Unlimited Websites, 1 IPv4 worth Rs15000 for 1 year.
All you have to do is write an article about this giveaway on your or any other blog to invite more participants using unique referral link which you get after giveaway Registration. Top 25 referrer will be selected and one of them will be chosen as a winner via RANDOM.ORG. And if you get selected then we will send you and email but if not then we will be inviting you our next Free VPS Giveaway program.
Terms and Information:
This contest based on numbers of registrations comes affiliate links and you will get automatically enrolled once any 1 user registered with us using your affiliate link however any purchase is not required.

VPS Specs
1GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1IP, SSL*, Single Core worth $250/year
How we will choose winner?

1. Register and confirm your email
2. Activate your Affiliate account
3. Refer at least 1 user (They don't need to purchase anything)
4. Wait till 30th of Sept if you selected as winner then you will get email from us and you can find winner details on your facebook page as well

  • Provide correct and genuine details

  • Don't refer yourself or create multiple account

  • Don't refer users those don't even know what Web Hosting, SEO, Website is..

  • Use Facebook, Blog, YouTube, Websites only
If you have any question feel free to revert us back and we will be assisting you further and if you are not interested ignore this email.
Enjoy free cloud cPanel web Hosting and you may read GoogieHost Reviews by real users
@GoogieHost i've been registered and activated my account now how can i select a number ?
None VPS holder till warning level expire on 27-Oct-2017
Hello! If you've a Minute so please Visit my Website PiratesHosting for a free WEB Host/GameServer.

[Image: img.php?userid=19951]

Could you tell us more about that gift SSL? There is a little star (*) next to it, but nowhere is the explanation.
SSL is LetsEncrypt so its not paid one and you do not have to worry about renewal as well

You can share your Registration ID or Order Number
Enjoy free cloud cPanel web Hosting and you may read GoogieHost Reviews by real users

Let's Encrypt huh? Are you taking advantage of the cPanel AutoSSL feature?
They do issue certificates on their own I believe (as cPanel DV or something, can't remember.)
Just wandering around, nothing more.

(Wow, it's been years and it took me this long to realize I had a typo in my signature :/)
Just saying: it isn't worth $250/year.

Many companies charge significantly less for the same amount of resources.

In fact, $20/mo can get you a dedicated server if you're willing to wait for a Kimsufi.

Edit: VULTR has a $60/year plan with the same specs.

Edit 2: DigitalOcean even gives you another IP free (floating IP).
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).
Signed up to the participate link, confirmed my account and activated referring link.

How is the number of the user going to be given and picked up as winner?
Hmm, seems likes a good offer but i wouldn't bet on winning, although i don't like the disk space that is offered either
Thanks to FreeVPS & Hostigation & Host4Fun for VPS 18 & VPS 4

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