Best place to start learning PHP and MySQL?
For PHP I would suggest you follow either W3School or Tutorials Point.
As for MySQL, as per me it is more than just creating tables and adding entries. You should first do a course on Relational Databases and then jump into MySQL documentation.

Maybe some people won't agree with me on this, but the market of PHP as a back end language is diminishing real quick, if you want to learn something in-demand try NodeJS or Python-Django.
I would like to thank for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
Youtube ,forum, sites, ebooks...
you need to find you way for learning. for me you need a good ebook to know a basic of language and had some examples to practice
and for each stage you can try to find another hard example ...
Practice makes perfect, try making some sites just for fun. Also try challenging yourself. I started learning PHP with online tutorials, then I mostly went off of documentation after that.
w3school and stackoverflow man this is the best sites for me
Actually the best place to learn PHP and HTML is by yourself.
Method 1:
You download a script, investigate it, and learn something from it.
You need Google in this case.
Method 2:
Use codeacademy to learn from it.
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The best place from where i learned PHP & MySQL is codeacademy, + You can download scripts and debug them to know how they work!
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I think you can visit for more information on php7.1 each and everything is listed here.
You can check always this link for free books.

You can visit this links-
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
Closing this. The OP needs to do some self research. We're just copying and pasting random links in here.

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