[CLOSED] 8 VPSs Available - September Giveaway 2017
13 8 VPSs Available! 
0 DEDIs Available 

VPSs Available:
  • VPS 3 – 3 available
  • VPS 4 –2 available
  • VPS 9 – 1 available
  • VPS 14 – 1 available
  • VPS 15 – 4 available
  • VPS 18 – 1 available
  • VPS 23 – 1 available
Compare VPSs here: compare here

The winners will be decided on Monday 18th September 2017

Good Luck!

Please note that announcement of winners and distribution of VPSes may take more time than usual as this is my first giveaway. Your support and understanding is appreciated!

Important note if you are applying for a VPS 15. Please include in your request which operating system you would like installed, and in which location you want the VPS (if multiple locations are available). If you have no preference, the server given to you will be in the same location it was during its use by the previous owner. If you do not specify which OS you want, your request may be delayed, or if demand is high, your request may be ignored, and given to another requesting user.

Information on owning two VPSs (Updated 2017-07-03): 


  1. By applying for a VPS, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements, the requirements page also details how you can go about applying for a VPS.
  3. If you want a VPS, post your application in the VPS Requests forum (before you do this read How to apply).
  4. Read the how to apply guide before applying. Applications in a wrong format or with missing entries may be ignored!
  5. Read the game server policy before applying!
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I want the VPS 14! I could use a ram upgrade from VPS 18, but I've only had the VPS 18 for a month only... Thanks @Ignis for the first giveaway! Good luck with handling it all, It's probably going to be very busy since there's VPSs with higher specs this time compared to the ones in the past months. It got so quiet, the one from last month even had nobody in the first round! VPS 9 and VPS 4 is very good, lots of ram and disk space, but it's in the EU so I don't really want it at this time.

Good luck to everyone who enters!
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

Check out @coreyman's Free VPS Club for a free VPS with only 15 posts/month!
No waiting required to get a free VPS, just make posts and apply!
Not only the VPS specs are better than the previous one, the number of VPS available is also larger. A bit surprised we still have more than 10 VPSes available for this round of giveaway. It seems quite some members did drop their VPSes during the past month.

VPS 9 is obviously the best deal for this round. Good luck to everyone applying for it.
It is good to see that this giveaway has more VPS than the previous giveaways. The specifications are also better. Seems like there will be a good competition between the members.

Thank you for this giveaway, this month we have more avaiability than the previous one, also the VPS 9 seems to have really good specs.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]
WOW Great @Ignis hope you won't face any kinds of problem but if you'll here @Optimus available to support you and ofc whole freevps.us team. Good Luck All.

Well i don't know previous Giveaway but everybody said previous giveaway has less VPSs Plans.

Since i lost my VPS 18 i've been joined Post4VPS they also have good plans. Once again Good Luck to everyone who gonna participate on this Giveaway.
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Looks Great Cheese this time there are many Nice VPSs like VPS 9,VPS 4 and VPS 14(Liked) !
I hope this time newer users can apply and win those VPSs too.
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Nice giveaway! I finally see what I was looking for VPS 9.

All the best who are applying!
(2017-09-16, 5:19:52 am)TimeRider Wrote:  Nice giveaway! I finally see what I was looking for VPS 9.

All the best who are applying!

Remember that you can only apply for it if you want a single VPS. That means giving up on your first one. I almost forgot about that rule tonight. Otherwise you'll have to wait and apply for whatever remains Cheese
@Ignis I'm VERY happy with the availability of some excellent spec VPSs.  Ecstatic in fact. Many many thanks! 8-)

I'm particularly happy to see one from GalaxyHostPlus.  I need to check the VPSs relative to my ISP - is there a deadline for the first part of the giveaway?

Edit: No need to respond as I've made my application. Many thanks.

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