Average time for installation of your Internet service?
Well, so let me start: I've ordered a dedicated cable Internet package (just Internet and nothing else at 60 Mbit/s down and 3 Mbit/s up) by one of the biggest cable providers (Unitymedia) in my country. Tomorrow it'll be two weeks since the order was placed and absolutely nothing useful happened, yet. I only just got the contract information by e-mail and a few days later by mail (and that was at the beginnig of last week already). That was a mere confirmation that my order was accepted. OK! Now usually if everything would be prepared already at my side they'd just send me the hardware and login information. Installation would be my duty (which is easy) or I could ask a technician for an additional payment.

My case however is a bit different. The cable provider did update infrastructure from the streets to the basement where they have amplifiers and splitters to serve all people in the appartment block. All DOCSIS 3.0 and fibre. From there on they have to do upgrade installations in the customer flats at the cable wallplugs. I've not had anything done there since 2007 as this was the year I cancelled the contract for cable TV with the provider and got a SAT. So the cable wallplugs have just been locked by them in 2007 and that was the last thing they ever did in my flat. Now a technician has to come over here to do the necessary installations and upgrades. For free of course (or maybe not since I have to pay a onetime 70 € base installation/activation fee).

Back to the problem with the installation time of the actual product. Tomorrow: two weeks passed and that without even a single call from the Unitymedia subcontractor or themselves or any other kind of information other than the order confirmation. And I doubt next week will be any better. They sent me a "5 € coupon" (which will be applied randomly to one monthly bill starting from the second bill) to excuse themselves and again without any further information on the status of my order or installation plans. I think they should have dropped the 70 € onetime installation payment or lowered it by 20 € or something. These days it is not acceptable to wait so long. There are even laws that require ISPs to provide Internet access within a few days. Sure they don't apply directly here since for this to work it is necessary to have the full infrastructure prepared. Still... it can't be that weeks pass without anything... without a call to make an installation appointment (I have a job to do.... I have to plan the appointment, speak with my boss to get the day off or ask to leave earlier and etc). Absolutely nothing. And that coupon... they can stick it up their :fubar: .

So how long did it take for your Internet service to be installed?
I had similar issues. At the time I signed up for it there was this offer of TV/Net/Phone and the phone was not optional and still isn't if you just wan't an internet package. And to this day I keep it in my closet unused. Anyway, at first I didn't get any replies or further information so I thought my request was denied. I was legally and adult but still in school, so I thought it was because of that. So I made another request in my father's name.

And then more waiting time with no reply or anything. Until one day they came and did a bulk installation on people who made requests and never received any replies. I got the Net package first and later that day someone else was supposed to come and install the TV. The fun part is that they both came the same day. The one in my name and the one in my father's name. I eventually canceled the one in my father's name because mine was half installed.

So yeah, that's my story with the package that I have now. Pretty much the same. Poor communication on their end Cheese
In my states its really fast, average time is 1-2 days, sometimes in that day you ordered. I live in a populous area that's why maybe..
I went down to the basement about 20 minutes ago because I had to get a few things for tomorrow. And I know where Unitymedia has or had their box with the hardware that should be there for cable infrastructure inside the flat. The box was there and it looked still old and it was unlocked (the seal was old and broken). I opened the door and could take a look inside of it. It still has the old hardware from before 2010 or even much more older. It is basically nothing. A very old amplifier and a few cables plus something else that looks as dead as a device can be that looks like it has burned to crisp at some point.

I was very surprised by that to be honest. I thought they upgraded it all because a) I've seen that they actually opened up the street to install new fibre cables and b) they've sent literally a few mails every month with great news about newest technology being available at my place and so on. Turns out these are just lies... The box looks exactly like last year when I tried to order and found out that the landlord refused to give access to Unitymedia to make installations. And these ISP guys come to my door and told me that the court has forced the landlord to allow installations. Another lie I guess or why did nothing happen???

Everything about the ISP is a darn joke... Let's see how it goes. Here are photos of the box and in what poor state that old and very dated hardware AND BROKEN is.

[Image: IMG_20170922_211550.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20170922_211559.jpg]
Mine took for ages.  The flat I moved into in April of this year sits on top of a house in a suburban neighbourhood.  The landlady doesn't have internet.  There is only one large company in the country that provides installation of broadband - no fibre optic where I am situated although there is fibre optic available in the bigger cities.  I applied for an Internet Account on 1st of April and by end of May still couldn't find information about when they were going to install the service.  In the meanwhile I'd visited the offices of the company in the nearest city a few times and just couldn't get any further.  Totally frustrating.  Finally at the end of May when I was ready to ditch everything someone at the offices took pity over me and provided me with a phone number of the regional manager of the area where my flat was.  Initially I thought it was a fob off, but couldn't believe how fast the response was.  I had a team of technicians to investigate at my flat within hours of phoning the manager.  Then for the first time learned that there was no line available and I would have to pay for a service that would draw a line from a phone line in the street to the flat.  I arranged that immediately and within five days from the phone call to the regional manager had Internet at last.  So all in all it took a little more than two months.

Tomorrow I'll take a photo of where the telephone lines of the neighbourhoud are accessed.  As when the technician team arrived we had to look where the lines were and they are all in a flower bed of a neighbour two houses from where I am.  Totally unprotected, anyone can access the lines.  Interesting though that they were completely unmarked and that the ISP had to look for them.  I'm not complaining though.  I was just too happy there were technicians who could help me at last, and they were genuinely very helpful once they had connected with my case.
@deanhills It's funny, I've had similar experiences though not with internet. The corporate bigwigs and those that work for them couldn't care less, but the local office is bored out of their minds so they figure they might as well be polite.
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(2017-09-23, 4:50:07 pm)Ignis Wrote:  @deanhills It's funny, I've had similar experiences though not with internet. The corporate bigwigs and those that work for them couldn't care less, but the local office is bored out of their minds so they figure they might as well be polite.

True!  I felt incredible lucky to be helped in the end but there is plenty of small officialdom in those offices.  Two weeks ago when I had a Skype interview I discovered that my internet connection was not good enough.  So traveled to the nearest  big city and booked into a Hotel just to discover that their WiFi wasn't too hot either.  In the end I went to this local city ISP office and purchased a dongle with a data package that I used in my laptop.  That worked.  Anyway, while I was waiting my turn in a very long line up for the SIM to be set up, I overheard someone pleading for service and heard he was from the same town.  Poor guy!  Tounge 

The dongle and SIM with data turned out a winner for a better internet connection in the big city.  Then when I tried the dongle with sim in the town there was no signal at all.  I don't need it of course, but at least I know not to use their data package locally.  And so the saga continues.  Hopefully I can travel soon so I can at least get the benefit of the month's data I purchased.  Fortunately it wasn't that expensive, but it should actually not have cost me anything as the dongle should have been set up as part of my Internet Package, except apparently they had put me on a new package, and that could only work with an old package.  Etc etc etc etc .... when it got too complicated I just opted for a new SIM card and bit the bullet.

Here's an image of where my internet line starts.  I live on top of the garage marked with yellow pen.  The phone lines are inside the tube in the bush - if you lift the tube up (it's quite wonky) it's full of wires sticking out.  No one really knows whose is whose but if kids wanted to have fun or someone wants to steal wiring it's there for the taking.  The area in between the house on top of which I live and the flower bed is vacant land and my land lady and the owner of the vacant land aren't too friendly with one another.  Anyway, what helped is that she had a phone line that had already been pulled through.  So I got a technical service to pull a line through from her house (to the left of the garage) to the room that is marked with yellow pen.  it was not as expensive as I thought it would be and in retrospect I'm happy I did that.  None of us could figure out exactly where the line had been pulled through from the flower bed to her house as her husband who had taken care of it passed away a couple of years ago.  They searched for a couple of hours before the solution of my land lady's phone line was negotiated and decided upon.  So a couple of weeks ago when the vacant land owner got someone to completely clear the bushes that had been growing densely on the propery, I was holding my breath.  Fortunately no lines were "unearthed" during the excavation of the vacant land but they did find an enormous green mamba.  I hope all of the mamba's mates moved into the kloof away from the house.   :s

[Image: 9IkDQLy.jpg]
Today I finally managed to get hold of a Unitymedia support staff at their live chat system. After entering all data I got the company details including my contract number at the company to make an appointment myself. I called them up and got an appointment this week. Now I have to cross my fingers that the technician is going to turn up and that the installation will/can be performed.

More to come.
I have been given permission to take a day off for today. The appointment was today in case that matters. No one arrived. Neither have I been called back to get an explanation why no one arrived or a new appointment nor any kind of apology. I have submitted a cancellation requestion as no service has been provided and all in all the experience is horrible...

End of the story. No more alternatives.
I don't blame you @HR. I was going to do the same at end of May, and then when I marched to the office with the intention to ditch the whole thing, a staff there slipped me a piece of paper with the regional manager's phone number (it's against their rules to give - but I probably became a real nuisance with the number of times I'd camped in their office and complained loudly for all of their other customers to hear). I was cynical when I first received the piece of paper as i though they just wanted to shut me up, but the phone number totally fixed everything - made it like a miracle. I wish you could have received something similar. If you could get the right ear somewhere, it can create miracles. I had the exact same experience in the UAE a few years ago. Also was a struggle to get the service and after two or three visits at their HQ I found someone who helped me. Getting Internet has always been a long drawn out experience of frustration for some or other reason. Bad luck in both cases were the providers I was dealing with were the only ones available internet service of that kind.

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