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Microsoft Azure Vs. Amazon AWS
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Anyone prefers one over other? Why? I personally have experience with AWS but didn't like its strict firewall that i became confused at how to work with it. Except that everything else was a smooth sailing and its relatively easy to work with. Someone can shed some light on Azure? Opinions?
I like AWS. You get 12 months free. Plus, you can get more free stuff after your 12 months is up. But, beware of surcharges.
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Using AWS for last two year. So my vote for AWS.
But recently i'm seeing many article stating that Azure is better than AWS in terms of price and some other features.
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I prefer AWS over Azure. My AWS server has been running well for over 20 months and has no downtime.

And I don't feel that AWS has strict firewall because users can easily add network rules on AWS panel.
Well I haven't used both before, but if I would sign up for one of them, AWS, because the first year is free and it's a bit cheaper than Azure. Heck, both of them are expensive, I rather just get a normal VPS and be done with..
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I have used AWS and Bluemix for deployment purpose.
Earlier I stayed clear of Azure because of its steep pricing for small projects. But later when my project colleagues who are experts in cloud management and servers complained they get high latency as the database is not in the same datacenter and other such performance issues like load balancing in case of high traffic. So AWS works best for me.
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Honestly, I'd say Amazon AWS. They do have the 12-month free trial, after all.
Though, if you're a student, I'd say Microsoft Azure because of the benefits (e.g free application instances, etc).
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The problem with Azure is that it has Microsoft's name on it. And what does your gut say the moment you hear Microsoft? What words come in your mind first? Well, here's what comes to my mind: slimy, windows, sh!tty, windows, spineless, windows, untrustworthy, windows. Did I say windows? I think I did. Because that's the impression that every developer has about Microsoft. The fact that they'll do everything to keep you on windows.

And like I said. It has Microsoft's name on it. Put every other brand and you're likely to see/hear a different perspective from people.
AWS anyday, its cheaper also I got like 3 years with my prime subscription for 12 months using some promo offer that was going on. Really fast stable and most of all very scalable. My college fest website is hosted on that server and it handles 1000 visitors/hr like a champ without any slowdowns. Azure on the other hand has... WINDOWS.
Nuff said.
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Microsoft Azure is better than Amazon AWS. Also onApp cloud is also most used and preferred cloud management tool.

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