What are your thoughts on the Surface Pro?
I have had mine for a short time and I think it isn't as good as true laptop and isn't as good as a true tablet, yet not terrible in general.  You make some sacrifices for the multi-purpose nature of it.  For example, the nature of it having a kick stand makes it not as good in your lap or while holding it (in laptop format, at least).  The tablet isn't as good as an iPad or Android because it has Microsoft's tiles instead of a decent OS.

My friend has one and I can say it is pretty good for note taking and drawing but for other purposes, I don't really think it is that good.
But I will disagree with you on the kickstand. I feel that it is pretty good and it also withdraws when you need to so I don't see how that it is annoying. The OS is a plus because it runs full desktop applications instead of apps.
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It seems like a good device for school purposes.

You could run almost every program you need. Only compromise is repairability and upgradeability.
the Pro part of it is really just a tag. You cannot use the tablet/laptop like a regular laptop and Microsoft is trying too hard to push this form factor and frankly its not working. The surface pro is good for media consumption and educational uses only.
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After a few more months with it I've decided that it's kind of what you'd expect out of a hybrid. It isn't the best tablet and it isn't the best laptop. But it does an OK job at both, so the trade off is generally worth it.
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