Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege is kind of a search and destroy game in that every round you only have one life and you pick special characters that each have their own unique abilities.

The game has been out since December 2015 but I decided to make a post about it since I couldn't find anything about it here and it will continue to receive new content for 2 more months. I've found it to be more enjoyable than CoD and other games. For anyone that has played it, what do you think about it? The game has a ton of bugs in it surprisingly but it's still a pretty good game.
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The recent Blood Orchid patch was underwhelming at best. The game has improved a lot since it was first launched but the new bugs that have cropped up are insane. The server issues are very real and all in all the game is enjoyable only on LAN, you can't really play online and have fun due to the large skill gap in most games.

Also micro-transactions.....
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting published by Ubisoft. It is for Windows,Xbox,PS4 consoles.The game is about a war between terrorists called White Masks and friendly soldiers(Rainbow Siege) who want to save environment and people.Rainbow Six Siege is a group of soldiers who battle for freedom was physically detached from the normal people due to technical errors.
It is a first person shooter game that can be seen a lot of nationalities,tactics etc.
I've been following this game for a while now and i intend to buy it too, though am not fan of those massive micro transactions about skins stuff,
also if you haven't buy it yet, there's one disadvantage with the starter edition compared with the standard edition, players with the starter edition will have a hard and slower time to unlock the characters. this takes hours(approx 16h) to unlock one single character among a long list whereas on the standard edition it will be approx 1.5h. You will have to spend money if you want any fast progress in game. i'll recommend this game for those looking for tactical fps games.

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