MyServerPlanet Ltd - Double ram and space offers + yearly packages!
Company name: MyServerPlanet Ltd

Information: MyServerPlanet started in 2014 - with ten years experience within the Hosting industry, our highly experienced technical team can manage your query almost instantly. When your with our service you can rest assured that whatever solution you purchase from us, is using 100% top of the range, high end hardware to accomplish your required needs.

PayPal/Credit card are accepted payment methods

HDD:20GB 40GB Disk Space
RAM:1024MB Dedicated
SWAP:1024MB Swap
Bandwidth:1TB bandwidth

Order now --- > £3.50/month -- >

HDD:25 50! GB HDD
RAM:2 4 GB! Dedicated Ram
SWAP:4 GB swap
Bandwidth: 1TB Bandwidth

Order now -- > £4.60/month -->

NAT Yearly deals

HDD:10GB disk space
RAM:512MB ram
SWAP:512mb swap
Bandwidth:500GB bandwidth
IPs:/96 IPv6 + 1 Shared IPv4
Order now --- > £3.50/year -- >

HDD:20GB disk space
RAM:1024MB ram
SWAP:1024MB swap
IPs: /96 IPv6 + 1 Shared IPv4
Bandwidth:1TB bandwidth

Order now -- > £4.50/year -- >

Thank you, any questions please ask, submit a ticket we'll get back to you.

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