[Shared Hosting] Review For Limitless Hosting - CPanel/WHM Reseller Account
Hello friends,
Got this account a while ago. This took some time to test their service and still testing, but it's review time.

Ok so they gave me 
40 GB space
9.54 TB Bandwith
And every other feature are unlimited with over-selling enabled.
Well, it is fast and they really reply your tickets. They reply my request for account creation within an hour. Nice.

Pros are
1. Free SSL : Yeah cpanel free panel is default enabled for your site. Just awesome.

2. Lots of space , 40 GB of space for your hosting is awesome . Host lots of website for you and your users. Just Awesome..

3. Lots of bandwith , 10TB of bandwith is just awesome and I just use 120-140GB for my websites.

4. Overselling : Well yes sell over your quota so you can resell all the resource over your quota.

5. Security : This server is securly located at QuadraNet Inc in Los Angeles .

6. Wordpress : instaled Wordpress and its performance are good. I will update this later.


1. Ping to this server and got this huge time (over 500ms) from my location
2. Server is pretty crowded
When display services got this -
 Server Load  / 16.93
 Memory Used / 41.93 %
 Disk / 70 %

My opinion:- Yes , this server is pritty stable and reeally awesome for hosting small /medium websites. Lags doesnot matter much if the connection speed is good, and their connection speed is really fast. If you want to use their hosting its a go for me. 

Final Rating: 8/10

Note : I will update my review later with after finished all the tests. 
16 load isn't that bad compared to some other hosts. If you've seen companies like WootHosting, you'd know that a load of 16 is a god-send (and it's free too!).

Anyway, @Lampard seems to be doing a decent job. Keep up the good work!
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).

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