October Giveaway - HostUS VPS's not issued yet

As mentioned by others, we were unable to respond to your post in the application thread about the inability of getting into the HostUS control panel.  We couldn't respond because the threads in the VPS Application Forum are locked by default.  I thought I would open a support thread in the VPS Help & Support Forum for discussion and feedback about the issue.

Is there any news yet regarding whether the HostUS control panel access issue has been solved yet?
The access issue has been solved for HostUS, however I am experiencing issues with getting the VPSes ready.
@Ignis  Can you please cancel my Second VPS, VPS 15. I've subscribed to a HostUS VPS instead.  Am quite impatient to see how fast the Charlotte Location will be - in comparison with my previous Dallas location.  Just couldn't wait any longer. Tongueout

Quite blown away with how smooth the application process went so far - am waiting for it to be set up and am curious to see how long that will take.  If all goes well am hoping to write a review about the VPS.

In case you are interested these are the specs for the HostUS VPS I subscribed to - cost is $7.95 (2.66/month).  There is also a cheaper option for $5.95 for 3 months for 512MB ($1.98/month).


768MB vSwap
20GB Disk Space
1 vCPU Core (Fair Share)
500GB Bandwidth
1Gbps port
1x IPv4 address
4x IPv6 addresses
OpenVZ / Breeze Control Panel

Price:  $7.99 for three months
Source: https://hostus.us/openvz-vps.html

Note:  VPS was set up within 30 minutes of subscription.  So far a BIG thumbs up to HostUS all of the way! Happy
@Ignis any status on my VPS 16 getting up? Or it's still not working properly?
Thank you FreeVPS.us for VPS 18 and Evolution Host for VPS 6!

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[Image: img.php?userid=19987&vps2]
@deanhills alright done
@IEpicDestroyer if it's still not working I'm going to open a ticket
OK here's the verdict for my impatient subscription.  Dallas, Texas Speedtest I had with VPS 16 compared with my new HostUS subscribed VPS.  Note that the HostUS VPS 16 has higher specs than my HostUS subscribed VPS.  Specs are below:

Quote:VPS 16
Disk Size: 75 GB
Monthly Traffic: 2 TB
Memory: 2 GB & 2 GB vSwap

Location: Dallas, Texas

Quote:My HostUS subscription
Disk Size:  20 GB
Monthly Traffic:  500 GB
Memory:  768MB RAM 768MB vSwap
20GB Disk Space

Location:  Charlotte, New Carolina (or so I thought when I subscribed  Tongueout)

Speedtest for VPS 16 (November 2016 Review)
[Image: 5832556880.png]

Speedtest for Subscribed VPS (November 2017)
[Image: 6768961060.png]

HAHA!  Darn!  Just discovered when I did the speedtest HostUS set me up with their Atlanta and not Charlotte location.  Interesting!  Better figure out why.  I'm not complaining though.  I've just installed a WordPress site on the server which is usually how I can "feel" the speed, and speed is awesome!  Plugins are downloaded, installed and activated almost instantly.

Will do a review of the subscribed VPS in a month's time when I've had a chance to bond more firmly with the new VPS.  So far however everything I've done, including installing VestaCP, domains, databases etc have been flawless, effortless and fast.  Well done HostUS!  I'm still a great fan!
These should have been issued now, thank you for your patience.
@Ignis thanks for helping out on solving my issue and getting my VPS up and running!  Very happy with my VPS so, honestly wasn't expecting there would be 4 vCores on the VPS so that was a nice surprise to have!  Thanks again!

Is the old VPS 18 online for another week or so for me to transfer my data over?  Waiting for my VPS to come back online so I can do so, was about to, but than it went down..
Thank you FreeVPS.us for VPS 18 and Evolution Host for VPS 6!

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Yes, VPSes should remain online at least until the end of the first stage of the giveaway.

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