need new hosting names?
need a little help,
Any suggestions? Tried searching many names but not available, need suggestions
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(2017-11-02, 3:52:02 am)Abdul Sami Wrote:  need a little help,
Any suggestions? Tried searching many names but not available, need suggestions

That's it?

What would be your motto, preferred keywords or words that the name should relate to?
What phrases would describe your hosting best. Just something that would be relatable to the service you're going to provide. So that people can draw some conclusion and inspiration.
What's the preferred range/limit of length, symbols (the -). So that people don't suggest
Desired TLD. In case people need to perform a whois on the name and see if it's occupied and not bother to post it.

No wonder you haven't found anything. You're so full of motivation as a whiskey bottle next to an alcoholic. Do you even know what you're looking for?

My guess is you're about to receive replies of equal quality as the topic itself.

My suggestion is to start with a few words that relate to you and look for synonyms on or related words with That should give you some leads where you might find some inspiration. Then, drop some of that inspiration into and see what combos that throws at you. And eventually you should do some brainstorming and consult some dictionaries. Take some of those words, twist them, flip them, l33t them, smack them, join them, split them, merge them, shift them, throw a few rhymes at them and eventually gather a list of what you've got. Then take a good night sleep and come the next day. That archived part of your brain should be more active and you might just find your self with even more inspiration. You either make your brand or don't make it at all.

Peace out o/
You need to choose your own host brand that you think from hey, thats looks a cool name, just let your head thinking, recommed - do not use any names that other does because someone at YouHosting did that and came in trouble, full orginal is the best and what would you like to sell full? From there out can you choose your hosting name.
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In addition to @SLC's suggestion of how to think for new names, I'd go for a unique name that is SEO friendly - like would be easy to pop up in the search results and say what it needs to say for the person to want to click on the name. It should be VERY simple - as short as you can manage and easy for your customers to remember.   Domainsbot is an excellent Website for suggesting names for you - when you put a name in a search box they come up with all kinds of name suggestions and combinations.  So there will be definitely at least a few you can choose from for any given name you like. Also this Website is good for checking for the cheapest registrar for the domain you want - it also provides links for up to date discount coupons if available by the registrars. 

1. Let's start with brainstorming it - go to:
2. Type in something like "hostpal"  in the suggestion box - this is the result:
3. Now click the "buy" link against the name you like and see which registrars you can buy it from and what it will cost - they will also suggest discount coupons if there are discount coupons available.

Other names that you can search on and that provide interesting word combinations are:

host101 or webhost101
host247 or webhost247

etc etc
Few Suggestions based on .host domain :
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