LattePanda - Real x86 credit card sized PC
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Well, that's a real bummer. If I shall be honest, I actually didn't expect anything else. I checked the official discussion on LattePanda and other places. The special mainline kernel doesn't support these features and other Linux distributions with other kernels don't support it either. It's a really sad incident. A x86 CPU and hardware but Linux in 2017 doesn't support it fully.

Now I'm wondering. You are using a half working LattePanda due to software limits just for Kodi. For that purpose it is quite expensive. Wouldn't it be cheaper and better to use one of these Chinese boxes? They come with either x86 hardware that is exactly like the Version 1 of the LattePanda. On the other hand there are also cheap and really awesome Android solutions with Amlogic CPUs that support everything you throw at it like H265 4K 60FPS and etc.

Anyway. That would be going off topic. So I'll stop here.

I know that I can buy and android box and use for kodi but with lattepanda it works better. I tried the same program (kodi) with Windows and I had some lag problems, specially with 1080p videos. Until this moment I haven't tried 4K on Linux version. I will stay as I am with my lattepanda just like it is now, waiting for the complete support of Linux kernel of someone that can patch it because I prefer lan over Wi-Fi but for now it is the only thing that can be done with Linux Ubuntu. Sad but true
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I think this is a really good invention, considering how everything is getting portable and easier to be obtained. I think it would be better if their increase the RAM capacity and increase the storage size (may not be an issue for all users though). They should release a x64 version in the near future!
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Is the Intel Atom X5-Z8350 supported by Android 7? I saw everywhere TV boxes, tablets only with Android 5.1.
Absolutely amazing, but I'm surprised that they've chosen to have Windows 10 pre-installed rather than Linux.
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(2017-12-01, 6:05:08 am)HXY Wrote:  Is the Intel Atom X5-Z8350 supported by Android 7? I saw everywhere TV boxes, tablets only with Android 5.1.

Android x86 runs on any normal PC hardware including the LattePanda. WiFi and BT might be tricky to get them to work though because of how they're mounted on the system (in BIOS it can be reconfigured).
Look very interesting. I hope this can be used as RaspberryPI alternative.
If I have some project I will add this to my decision.
A little update regarding my LattePanda.

After I discovered that UniFi has an Android App I no longer needed the controller. So I uninstalled it from my LattePanda. The web server I had on it was still running and serving media files from external storage but some of the content couldn't be displayed on my Fire TV or my Raspberry Pi due to lack of H264 10 Bit support and lack of HEVC support. So I stopped using it to serve media files to stream them to other devices.

Months passed and my LattePanda was stuffed somewhere in a box without being used. Meanwhile I used my Raspberry Pi 3 B for normal H264 video playback but again I've got some files that the Raspberry Pi nor the Fire TV can play due to lack for 10 bit playback. I have been looking around and people always suggested on the fly encoding. So I did more research on that and discovered Plex.

Right now my LattePanda is running a Plex Media Server with a 64 GB USB 3.0 drive serving files for the library. I'm trying out how it works. H264 no issue so far. Going to test H264 10 Bit soon and then maybe HEVC. I hope the LattePanda has enough power to transcode H264 10 Bit/HEVC 720p/1080p files for streaming.

Crossing my fingers. I did a playback test with Kodi on the LattePanda and H264 10 Bit was working fine. So I assume transcoding should work, too. HEVC on the other side: well, I didn't try it but from what I've read it should work. I hope that at least 720p HEVC will work.

Share you experiences please if you used the LattePanda for similar experiements. I'm still on Windows 10 Home Edition that come with it. I guess if I'd be using a server version of Linux I could get more power out of the little machine but doesn't seem like there is any good Linux support for the LattePanda or interest. Most people really are hooked on Windows 10 on their LattePanda.

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