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(2017-11-17, 12:59:46 pm)noballz Wrote: @deanhills @cw1998 after i'm post ^ i'm turn off my laptop for a while
and this morning (gmt +7), suddenly my original firefox replaced with firefox quantum.

Maybe Mozilla team wanna replace all of original firefox, due the instability and quantum is better than original one.

If you're on automatic updates - which I think is the default setting - then yes, that would be the outcome of the latest update for Firefox.  Almost like a magic update.  When I received the update automatically, at first I thought - ohhhh ... what's up - another update - and then the Firefox page resolved to a very long message of the CEO with information about the new Quantum change - I still thought - oh well, we've got some change here - they're now getting serious about their marketing at Firefox.  And then the further I went with the browser the more I realized this was a pretty significant change.  I'm very happy for FireFox - and even happier that they are now giving the Google Chrome developers something to think about.  For me that is great for progress and in our favour.  Firefox finally redeemed itself.
Been using FireFox Quantum and I have to say, I am loving it. Youtube though seems to lately have some issues, I have reported it with the crash report and all, it should be fixed soon. The stream seems to be cutting off a lot of times, which does not happen in Edge or Chrome.
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Tried it right after I saw the topic in this forum, it is indeed faster than Chrome while also using less RAM. Might as well change Chrome to this one very soon. Great Joob Mozilla.
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