Firefox Quantum
(2017-11-23, 2:31:12 am)try3vps Wrote:  You could have both v56 and v57 on the same machine.

While staying with v56 for your favor extensions, you may also try v57 (portable version).

I mean I could but not in a hurry and don't really want to manage two firefox at the same time
(2017-11-23, 1:18:29 am)Lampard Wrote:  It must be your own computer, i myself have checked the difference between the memory used in old and newer one. Even the speed, the older one used to crash a lot due to scripts but in the new one, i didn't even face this problem.

Well it's really dependent on one's computer.  I saw a lot of mixed reviews on it over at LET so it's not just me with such issue..
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It really is INCREDIBLY FAST! New UI, Faster than Chrome!
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I'm using it right now Tounge, And its fast, I use it while playing GTA V Tounge, Its faster than chrome.
Love it!
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