[SOLVED] My nginx wordpress vps is taking more then 512mb ram.
(2017-11-24, 9:49:48 pm)ALPANAWEB Wrote:  What do you think and what shoould i use for a mysql configurations? please share.

@ALPANAWEB  I'm curious.  Are you actually experiencing problems - like a slow WordPress Dashboard?  Or a slow speed of your WordPress site?  Do you see signs that your Website is not working well?

I'm expanding on what @SLC said.  Like if there are no real problems other than that the Control Panel says you're using a lot of RAM, why worry about it until it becomes a reall worry?  If your Website is working well, let it be until you find it's a real problem.  Then worry about it.  Maybe there's nothing to worry about.
Well as the ram usage is high, it is the only concern , every thihng is working as expected. SO I guess I don't have any issue for getting my vps suspended.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
Disable innodb from your mysql configuration. Restart mysql service and you won't have the ram problem. Use myisam for mysql or MariaDB. That structure use less ram. I had a WordPress site on a 512 mb ram from this website and didn't have any troubles with that configuration and if you are using just one WordPress site don't use any control panel and do it all manual. It's not as difficult as it seems and I can help you if you want to. Regards
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Why does by default MySQL database servers even use that much ram? It would make sense for that optimization feature to be by default disabled to converse ram unless someone needs to enable it for faster database access. I don't think it's really needed anyway, it's just a big waste of ram..
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Please stop using Mysql, the memory killer of everything. Either use Mariadb or Postgresql. I will recommend mariadb because its user friendly than postgresql
Just install vesta pc on my vps and it is alright now. Thanks people.
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