Please help me Need a person to teach me
I need to learn how to setup a vps in virtualmaster they give a free 4 hours trial can anyone please teach me how to setup the vps please 
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Well, what exactly do you want to know? The subject "setup a VPS" literally has over 9000 different things reaching from simple things as how to login into a VPS to how to setup a full blown server with a control panel, DNS server and etc to hosts websites. And everything in between such as the really necessary Linux basics are also required to manage the VPS (i.e. user management, how to install packages, how to keep the system updated, how to edit files via CLI and etc). Don't forget security, too.

At which point are you? Do you even know how to connect to a Linux powered VPS? Have you ever heard of SSH and PuTTY? Have you already tried the millions of online tutorials and docs?

P.S.: A 4 hour VPS trial is absolutely useless for learning how to setup a VPS or setup something on a VPS. You are better off with a local Linux VM or a VPS from here.
As HR explained the whole thing has a learning curve and it's not something you can master within few hours. You need to get a basic idea of Linux commands then learn about tools and all processes. Also what and how you install and configure depend on what do you want to do with your vps.

Anyway why do you want to have a vps ?

Also why would you want to a 4 hour free trial when there are other providers long as months ? And here you can get one for free as long as you do your posting quota in the forum.
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My first dedicated server was a 7 days trial. Even 7 days seemed insufficient in learning to handle and manage a dedicated server. You just download virtualbox and install it on your own system and learn using it. Just search in google and you will find a lot of helpful articles. here are some suggestions on what to search..
"How to create a vm in virtualbox on windows"
"virtualbox network modes"
"iptables usage guide"
" tap tan explained"
"Linux/windows in virtualbox"
"remote access a windows/linux vm/vps"
"hardening linux vps"

digitalocean dot com, linode dot com,archlinux dot org have a lot of awesome articles.

You need to learn the basics before you venture into managing online servers. Otherwise it will only prove enough for bragging to those who knows less than you do and nothing more.

Good luck


Ah ha ! this is a free or almost free VPS site man !! not a free tutoring site ..
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I dont know anything you mentioned i am a newbie LOL Just teach idc even 1 hour vps also enough
(2017-11-20, 3:12:00 am)Dextract Wrote:  I dont know anything you mentioned i am a newbie LOL Just teach idc even 1 hour vps also enough

So Say We All
The better question is, Why don't you make some posts here, and actually apply for a VPS server? You can work with an amazing community that could help you out.
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Have you uses shared hosting ? If not that's a good place to start since its lot easier to use than a server. Provider will take care of all technical problems so you don't need to learn anything.

Also why do you want to learn about vps ?

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