[SOLVED] Little BBcode mistake.

Can someone fix this ? It would give a bad image if T&S are in such a bad shape.
Thanks MyBB, again, for nothing but trouble. Looks like HTML in announcements is absolutely broken now. Even after ticking "enable" it doesn't do anything... WOW! After a reload it is unticked again and the worst is that not even "disable" is ticked by default like on the other options. So the update to 1.8.13 has broken yet another thing on this forum.

[Image: 8K1jO5b.png]
(This time not even any error in the debugger - so no clue what is causing this at all.)

I'm not even sure anymore if the announcement was actually written in normal MyCode or HTML. If it was in MyCode then MyBB messed up big time. Why would it be converted into HTML? Strange. If it was HTML then this broken allow HTML function needs to be fixed.

I have again to spend my free time after work to fix this. So as soon as I have time I will convert it into MyCode (if that actually still works).


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