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☆ About Us : Proximity.Host is a re-brand of AlphaHost, Which started in October 2016. We are a team of 3 members managing the company. We aim to provide affordable and excellent service. We also have free related services like Game Servers And Shared Hosting.

☆ Services : Shared Hosting , Game Servers , 

We are providing Free Shared Hosting and Game Servers! 

Game server : 
  • CS 1.6  & SA-MP. 
  • Monthly Post Required : 10 Post.
Shared Hosting : 
  • 1GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Accounts/FTP/Email/Sub-domain/Addon-Domains/Databases
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Monthly Post Required : 10Post

How to apply for these services? 

If there is something missing in this thread please do let me know.


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How did you come up with the name for the company?
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I don't get your point what you mean? Are you saying about the new name? or something else.
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Only one thing, the theme you are using known as IconHost is it a legal copy? i mean do you have a valid license from envato market?
I don't know why i added my signature, have a better suggestion for my signature? PM me.
Yes! I have a valid licence from Envato Market, Would you like me to pm you the licence?
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Great Site , why the need for rebranding, Alphahost seemed really good .
just my opinion
Thank you triple for visiting our site.
Some people were saying that you were running your site on free services like you have free domain and bla bla.

So i decided to re-brand it.
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(2017-11-30, 10:01:05 am)Translucent Wrote:  How did you come up with the name for the company?

Immediately popped into my head Cheese
nice, and good luck but why leaving around stuff like
you know that if a file is in your webroot search engines can access it!
D❤ᴘᴇ.ᴀʟ Oᴡɴᴇʀ.
Hello there!
We have some updates :
We have now total
- 100 CS 1.6 Server.
- 100 SAMP
- 100 MTAHuhA

We have total 20 Shared Hosting Accounts now.

As for December. We are skipping counting for this month. You can just apply and request your desired game-server/shared hosting package etc.
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