myBB Emerald Theme Installation - suggestions for other mobile ph responsive themes?
I'm playing with myBB script to see whether I can put together a reasonably looking myBB Forum.  I don't have a specific style in mind, except I like something classic, stylish, simple and of course mobile phone responsive particularly considering that the majority of Forum members these days use their phones to post.    I've checked around many Websites and I haven't found myBB 1.8 themes that really stand out - like make me feel excited.  If you have a favourite style in mind, please let me know in this thread.  I like both light and dark themes.  I found this dark theme that particularly looked interesting - although I couldn't find the author of the theme - maybe you know the source of this theme:

During a Shout Box discussion of a few weeks ago, Emerald theme was recommended as being very responsive for mobile phones, so tonight I finally buckled down to install the theme.  It's actually very simple to do.  First you unzip the contents of the Emerald theme zipped folder in your computer.  And then unpack it.  The "Emerald" folder inside the "images" folder has to be FTP'd to the  myBB /images folder inside myBB.  The XML folder in the unzipped package contains a Emerald v1.4.xml file that needs to be uploaded through the myBB Admin Panel after you have selected Templates & Style in the Admin panel and have clicked on "Import a theme".  Once it's been imported you need to make the theme your default theme before it will work.  Quite effortless really.  When I originally installed the myBB script on my VPS I had to struggle through a few learning curves - like myBB (outside cPanel) isn't instinctive or effortless to install in comparison with WordPress.  So that's why I had thought the theme installation would be something of the same struggle.  There was zero struggle in the case of the Emerald theme .... so far.  Took less than a couple of minutes to do once I had the hang of how to do it.  

For those who need more detailed instructions of how to install a myBB theme I found a good YouTube Video Tutorial below:

Here is a demo page of the Emerald theme to give you an idea what it looks like:

Here's a link to the latest stable build of the Emerald theme if you are interested to use it:

If you prefer to download from Github, here's the Emerald theme link for Github:
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