CryptoKitties is causing network congestion on the Ethereum network
For those who haven't heard of Cryptokitties, it's a game (or DApp -- "decentralized app") powered by the Ethereum blockchain where people buy, sell, and breed virtual cats. Now these virtual cats have a number of attributes (dubbed "cattributes") where some are rarer than another as you can see on this list. And cats with rare attributes can sell for a higher price compared to those with common attributes. On this website tracking CryptoKitties sales, at the time of writing the more expensive cat sold was priced at 246.9255 Ether which is equivalent to ~$118k USD at the time of sale. Pretty insane.

The game has gotten so popular that it currently accounts for 15+% of total transaction count over last 1500 blocks (the number fluctuates a bit, last night it was 11+% when I checked; the developers say that at one point it was 25%) as can be seen here. It's kind of problematic as it's causing an increasing number of transactions in the network to suffer from delays.

[Image: 1*z57YrF43Ug1sbw8airBQzg.png]

In response to this, the developers are doubling the price of breeding cat (birthing fee). This has also brought attention to Ethereum's scalability issue -- the point being one popular app is already bringing the network to its knees, so how could the network be ready for widespread use? Some are just finding it ridiculous that such a thing is causing a scaling crisis.

In any case, proponents are saying that several scaling solutions e.g. Raiden, Plasma, Sharding are already in the works and this might make Ethereum more robust overall in the end. Some are also saying that this is a blessing in disguise as the issue was exposed by something more trivial like a virtual cat game instead of some mission-critical application.

Link to Coindesk coverage
Ethereum blockchain is now clogged.

Since 2 days ago most of my Ether and token transactions have not been confirmed. This crazy Cryptokitties has already made the gas price unusually high now. I hope the transaction jam can be resolved soon.
are you saying that someone bought a photo of a cat for 246.9255 Eth ?!! lol
Do people don't have anything better to do than breed virtual cats lol

Some people are really, you know....
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I'm glad I didn't buy into that lol. Meanwhile Bitcoin is rising out of control at this point.
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To those wondering why people are spending so much on virtual cats, one simple answer is that you can make money out of it. If you breed cats with rare/valuable traits, then you can sell them for more ether (i.e. money) than what you spent on their parents. Also from what I read, these virtual cats have generation numbers. The earlier the generation is supposedly more valuable (not sure why) so I imagine those who got into the game early probably made (or are making) big bucks. Mashable has a primer for beginners.
As far I can see I need to purchase something in order to start this 'game', am I right?
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well. here are my deductions .. i really dont know anything about them. Still i am gonna try.

I suppose everyone here will agree that those cats are not going to stay here forever ... or like start something wonderful like evolution and give birth to new animals which even remotely look like one. hell some of the top cats are more like broken alarm clock than a cat. So it is more like a game of who can amass more and get more return and get out of the game before it crashes is like a network business where you sell to others to get them into network. So i guess clever and lucky guys will get out of it with a lot of money and the rest of unlucky and or foolish or dreaming folks will be left sucking there fingers. lol
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(2017-12-10, 1:03:11 am)Gries Wrote: As far I can see I need to purchase something in order to start this 'game', am I right?

Well, of course you need to purchase ETH first if you do not have any.

Then you can purchase virtual cats with ETH from Cryptokitties.

Personally I don't like playing this game but if you still want to, I wish you good luck. Smile
(2017-12-10, 2:48:43 am)rudra Wrote: I suppose everyone here will agree that those cats are not going to stay here forever ...

Well actually, one of the features of this is that your ownership of the cats is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain (whenever you buy/sell/breed, a smart contract is executed on the blockchain), so you supposedly own the cats forever (unless you sold them) even if the company behind this game shuts down.

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