Anyone knows of a mouse brand that is silent to the touch?
I've just gone through a mouse change with my desktop computer.  I had an old LG Optical mouse for five years and I loved it to "virtual death"; I was completely unaware of having it around because it was almost "silent" to the touch.  Recently I had to replace the mouse when it had gone faulty on me.  I had an HP backup that I could use but don't like it very much.  When I click on the HP mouse I can hear and also feel the button clicking "in" - the shape and touch of the mouse is not as sheer and flawless as the LG had been.  The noise and "dented" feeling of the HP mouse are irritating.  Haha.  I know I'm nuts, but I want a mouse that is super light, fits into the palm of my hand and becomes like an extension with no extra dents, noises or clicks.  Is there a mouse like that?
There are some mouses that aim to reduce nosie when clicking, scrolling and through general movement,

- Logitech M330 Silent Plus
- SROCKER C10s (
- Shhhmouse

Actually I found a list that includes the few above that I found and many more with ratings and so on:

Take a look.

I use a Cherry B.Unlimited AES kit and I'm happy but it isn't as stunning silent as some of the mouses from the list are (atleast according to the Youtube videos they're very different).
I had (and have) a super cheap "Natec Silent Kestrel" which I specifically bought for the silent mouse clicks. You can't even hear it. There's no click or anything. What isn't silent though is the middle mouse button. That's still normal. Of course, being such a cheap mouse, it tried to die a few times on me. First, the middle wheel scrolling began to go crazy. So I had to open it up and do some fixing myself (just had to tighten a metal part which wraps the scroll sensor. that tends to slip when loose and makes it loose track of the scrolling. you can be sure about it when the wheel doesn't resist anymore). Then the buttons had to be pressed a little harder. But that seemed it was temporary and now it works normal again. But all of these were after some long serious usage. And still works to this day. You just need to get over the built-in flaws it has.

I'm also looking for another silent mouse. But this time a better one and not the cheapest I can find. Hopefully I won't have to buy another one of these because they seem to be out of stock everywhere and I'd prefer a better quality one.
@HR and @SLC Thanks VERY much for the tips. I really like Logitech, I do very well with Logitech keyboards, so with my next visit to the UAE will search for the Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse. Now that makes me feel really happy. I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Just remembered that with my Toshiba laptop I got a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech - I replaced the mouse with my LG Optical mouse for laptops that has been as great as the Desktop one had been - also for many years. Now if I can only find where I put the wireless Logitech - maybe that can already be an improvement over the HP mouse.
So today found my silent mouse in the UAE.  It wasn't Silent Plus (probably will only find this in specialist shops), but I was able to find a Logitech Silent M220 mouse at Carrefour (a huge retail super store).  The mouse is wireless, very light and comfortable to the touch.  One feels one is clicking, but it's wonderfully silent.  I've just tried it out for the first time and think I'm going to stock up with another one for a reserve.  I'm happy!

Approx:  14 US$

What is an added bonus as well is the nice finish of the mouse.  The little USB "plug" is "stored" inside the mouse - so hopefully one won't lose it easily.  I had to laugh as I thought I'd lost the USB and that it had fallen out of the packaging, until I checked the manual drawing and noticed where it was "hidden".  Finishings are quality.  Especially for this low price.
I just bought a Natec Genesis G66 for about $20 after my first silent Natec broke down. This time I wen't for a little higher DPI and hopefully a bit more precision. The first one had a questionable precision.

Should arrive in the next few days, Was out of stock and had to be ordered from the provider. I'll be back with a review once I get my hands on it.

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