Web Tester!
Have you ever tried testing a website ? This website offers up to 50$ for a simple test.

More information:

Test new websites and apps with TestingTime. Gain insights into the most innovative design labs and share your opinion on new products before they are launched in the market.

Register here and earn up to € 50 per test:

P.S. As soon as you participate in a test, I will also receive a little something. Win win! :-)
Because this site does not give you $ 50 for each TEST. This site is like a lottery site and is likely to be counterfeit and you will not receive a prize every time.
Thank you  Freevps.us and the hostigation for VPS 18

[Image: img.php?userid=21916&vps18]
Are referral links allowed in this forum?

Also, seeing that you're referring to this website, what's your experience using it? Is work available at all times or do you only see a few jobs appear once in a while? How much do you yourself get a month?

p/s: You have both 50$ and € 50 in your post. So which currency is it?
So long here and a referral link? They aren't allowed along with stuff like Adfly and etc. You should remove them before staff simply nukes your thread.
Oops, Sorry, Removed the referral link.

Also i don't think its a scam, I already got 20$ from a test yesterday..
Look interesting!!! How much time did you take to test these website?

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