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I do not think that this page is legit.

It might be not fake if someone that leaves a page pay in order to get page reviewing so then you could earn it , also needs a percentage for them too! It is logically, someone need to pay that money in order to another earn them!
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Yes. Another thing is I don't see a login for "Testers" once you enter your data. The login the site has is for their "customers". So I kinda have a feeling it's just an email and data harvesting site.
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Doesn't look real to me. There are many freelancer websites that have even gone lower to $5 for just testing. So $50 is something that even looks so unrealistic.

This website doesn't look real at all for me. $50 for testing a website is completely unreasonable and I doubt anyone would want to pay that much to get their site tested. Ten users are already $500 and I doubt anyone has that type of money to get a site tested in a little amount of time..
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It's not basically to test a site. They are suppose to be a product testing site. It's like if you have a new site you send it to the site which give it to bunch of their chosen testers. They will test and than record a video about the product as a review. Also give feedback what they like and what they don't like about it. There are real sites like that but getting picked as a tester is not easy. This site is clearly not an genuine item, or at least it doesn't look like one more than Data gathering scam.
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I tried things related to this before. Most of them are scams, they just give you vouchers to use and you end up getting them months later. I did software testing before online.
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