WordPress - how can admin permissions be changed from outside the VPS?
I'm curious.  I've been updating a large number of my WordPress sites, and with the last one hit a BIG snag with updating the plugins.  It wouldn't update the plugins.  With my previous session on the same VPS and domain, all of the plugins had worked perfect in the Dashboard - i.e. I could easily upload and update plugins.  But not tonight.  Next I thought of deleting the plugins and reloading them, but that didn't work either.  I discovered I couldn't upload plugins either.

Then when I redid the chown Admin -R* for the domain on the VPS - everything worked perfectly again.  So bottom line somehow the Admin permissions must have been removed from the previous session I'd worked on it.

So now I'm just curious.  There is nothing I did to the VPS or domain - no event that had happened from the last time when I had successfully worked on it.  So could it be that the Admin of the server on which the VPS is located could have made a universal change of permissions? 

Question is, how can admin permissions be removed from a domain outside the VPS?  

The WordPress site was installed from the command line on a VPS with Centos 6.5.  The Database was created with VestaCP.

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